A trade organization for the pest management industry wanted to educate consumers about the importance of working with a licensed pest control professional to protect health, food and property from the diseases and dangers of pests.

Arc Intermedia started by analyzing how consumers search for these types of services and the terminology they use. We then instituted foundational search engine optimization tactics to boost visibility. Next we developed a robust new website designed to deliver a positive industry message and showcase the member companies that could professionally deliver desired services. SEO efforts remained in place before, during, and after the site launch. 

707% growth in search engine traffic in the first year

Six Year Organic Search Comparison

Increase in monthly SEO visitors


Overall increase in SEO traffic


Increase in local member searches in first year of new site

The incredible growth in the number of consumers Arc was able to deliver to us exceeded our expectations 100x! Our member companies are extremely pleased!

A Deeper Dive

We’re proud to provide additional detail on how we achieved these results.


The project started with heavy research to understand all aspects of the industry and how consumers perceive it. What do they think of when they need this type of service, what do they search for, and what do they expect to find?  

 We used that knowledge to work with the trade organization and its public relations agency to begin to shift the content and tone of the website into A) what the trade organization and its industry needed to be in order to educate consumers, and B) what consumers were hoping to find when conducting searches for this type of service. These efforts showed Year-over-Year gains well over 300, 500, and even 700% 

The site currently receives more than 600,000 visits a month, and more than 70% of all traffic comes from SEO.


When it was time to build a new website, we did it with the successful SEO foundation in place. This allowed us to focus on building a more user-friendly website that would better achieve its editorial and conversion-generation goals while remaining compliant with search engines. 

We went technical, restructuring the new site’s hierarchy and ensuring that all good SEO will from the previous site was successfully carried into the new site with no technological or backend impediments. We also focused on usability, building robust new templates to target the search terms we most wanted in a manner with a superior user experience. This ensured that we pleased both the humans who visited the site and the search engine robots that indexed it. It also ensured no substantial dip in the rankings during the transition from the old version of the website to the new version. And all this happened while also putting a significant focus on helping visitors find contact information for the individual members of the organization. The net result was an even better optimized website that was even more effective at connecting visitors with their desired content.  

Further efforts

Finally, once the new site was in place, we continued expanding on the content, cementing the website as the foremost authority on the topic, earning external links and content shares because of this expertise, and much more. At this point we were getting so much traffic and at such high quality that we were able to gather data on which areas of the country are most concerned with which types of services, creating trend information that media outlets wanted to share.  

The result was more than an exponential increase in traffic (from 35,000 monthly organic visits when we started to half a million every month now), and more than a promotion in the keyword rankings beyond long-tail terms into extremely broad single terms that competed with the likes of Wikipedia and others. It also helped the trade organization and its public relations partner begin to reshape consumers’ view of the industry as a whole.