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Arc Intermedia thinks about social media differently from other agencies. Yes, of course a company needs to produce engaging content that connects with its core audience as well as prospects. Yes, of course it needs to generate interactions such as Likes and comments. But at Arc Intermedia, we view everything through the lens of customer acquisition, and that goes for social media efforts as well.

For us to consider a social media campaign a success, it needs to generate actual tangible business results — be it new purchases, new customers, or whatever success means to our clients.

We achieve this through a strategic blend of social media marketing and management services that include posting organically, boosting what’s working with fee-based tools, supporting efforts with paid tactics and promotions, leveraging influencers when warranted, and also keeping the company directly involved for content that makes the most sense coming from them. Read on to learn more about what makes our social media efforts unique.

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Arc Intermedia's Social Media Marketing Efforts Include


Determine the best platforms and tactics to achieve desired goals.

Content Creation

Write content and create images/graphics/video/audio that are engaging and appropriate, and that drive results.

Tracking & Analytics

Detailed monitoring to determine what is and is not working.


Robust reports and calls to review results and next steps.

How to Choose an Agency for Social Media Marketing Services

What is the problem with most approaches to social media?

An alarming amount of website traffic generated by social media posts results in no action. When compared to other digital marketing channels, social media website traffic typically ranks at the bottom.

This is because most social media efforts are not developed with direct business results in mind. They tend to be treated exclusively as brand building, as almost an extension of public relations. As a result, social media efforts may yield millions of impressions, hundreds of likes, and even many clicks. But unless they’re also focused on customer acquisition, they’re unlikely to deliver actual sales.

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What makes Arc a good social media agency?

As customer acquisition specialists, Arc always thinks of sales goals first. The strategy behind our social media marketing and management services involves supporting business needs from the start. Therefore, while we certainly develop content that builds the brand and engages the community, we also develop content intended to generate quality leads. It’s an extra business focus missing from most social media efforts. In fact, we don’t even view ourselves as a social media agency — we are a digital marketing company that happens to excel in social media.

Tools & Resources

Still Conducting Research?

That’s completely understandable. Selecting an agency for social media management or even deciding to use an outside agency at all is an important step.

But while you assess your options for social media marketing services, consider downloading our Free Content Funnel Organization Kit.

It’ll help you evaluate your content library, identify gaps in your funnel, and pinpoint where you need to focus your efforts. Useful knowledge for whichever agency you hire.

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