3 Reasons to Hire a Digital Advertising Agency

Rasheed Hendricks
Rasheed Hendricks Director of Digital Advertising & Analytics

Online Display Advertising

Why is my paid advertising cost-per-lead so high? Where are my best customers coming from? What are people doing on my site? What is the ROI of my paid advertising campaigns?


If you are asking yourself these types of questions, this is will be your jam.

Digital marketing is cost-effective. Tracking, targeting, and flexible spending options make it more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods.

Here are some of the best reasons to seek specialized help. These suggestions are based on the frequency of use and the potential impact on business. Some businesses are reluctant to reach out to advertising agencies for help but they should not be. I hope these tips will help serve as an ice breaker and catalyst for more in-depth conversations.

Losing Money or Stagnant Campaign Performance

When to use travelers checks - Business Insider

Search, programmatic, display, remarketing, and other forms of paid advertising to drive revenue should do just that. If you are not, you may need a fresh set of ideas and a new approach to kickstart your money-making machine. Most agencies offer no-obligation free evaluations of your campaigns or charge a very small fee.


Not Tracking Website Actions or Conversions

This is a common problem. Clicks are not conversions. If companies are paying for ads and don’t know what ACTIONS visitors are taking, then they are missing out on the best part of digital advertising. The end action or goal is used to optimize web traffic audience types. Conversions are the lighthouse in the chaotic sea of data.

Talk to an expert in online tracking to set your campaign tracking correctly. Talk it through, you may save a fortune long term.

Short on Time

The digital advertising marketplace has been rapidly evolving with no signs of slowing down. New feature rollouts, new restrictions, and new ways to reach audiences make it hard to jump right in and be effective.

This is NOT for beginners. There is a learning curve for newbies. It’s not an insurmountable task, but experienced managers have gone through a lot of training and are continuously learning and testing campaigns across multiple industries.

This is a full-time job. If you are a seasoned marketer, you are knowledgeable about paid tactic and campaign basics. This is great if you need to oversee a campaign, but managing it on your own is a different story. The mistake many in-house marketers make is taking on too much and thinking they can be a jack of all trades. Paid campaigns require daily attention and tweaks. This is not something you start on the first of the month and check back on in 30 days. 

Using a marketing agency, with dedicated specialists, will speed up project time or to free up staff to focus on other things. You can use advertising agencies as an extension of an internal team. Or you can have them manage the whole enchilada. It all depends on your needs.

To Sum Up

Agency’s work on projects and companies of all sizes. No matter the size of the budget or length of the campaign, it would be beneficial to chat with an expert. Talk it out with a pro before going solo. It may save you money, time, and reduce stress. If you are running campaigns now and you are not seeing the returns you were expecting, use a lifeline and contact a pro.