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Why do so many companies choose to incorporate marketing automation into their digital strategy? Because customers expect more. They expect immediate responses, personalized messaging, an informed sales team and customer service department, as well as up-to-date information and valuable content. This may seem impossible to a small- or medium-sized company, and large companies may be wondering how they can accomplish all these tasks while keeping everyone informed. The answer is marketing automation.

How does a marketing automation platform solve these problems? By facilitating lead generation, nurturing leads through the sales process, identifying qualified prospects to be passed to the sales department, and then reporting on these efforts. This allows companies the opportunity to review what is working and where they may need to pivot.

Marketing automation platforms like HubSpotMarketo, and Pardot give marketers a full arsenal of tools that include the ability to create unique landing pages, forms, chatbots, email campaigns, automated workflows, segmented lists, dynamic content, and social media posts with automatic actions and reactions. Some like HubSpot even include a free CRM, and offer multiple integrations for companies who would prefer to use programs like SalesForce or Microsoft Dynamics.

Why does Arc believe that HubSpot is the best marketing automation platform? As a marketing automation agency, we work with numerous platforms for various clients. But our experience has demonstrated that HubSpot is the preferred all-in-one solution, with a suite of robust tools that can be scaled to fit any size company or be built upon to fit the needs of a growing company. Unlike some marketing automation systems that require companies to buy each tool separately, HubSpot understands what we do: that marketing automation is not just about emails, or landing pages, or a chatbot – it’s about a holistic approach to digital marketing that allows companies to better understand their customers and, as a result, provide better service.

Nurturing Through the Funnel

Automated Workflows

Establish workflows to automatically communicate with leads according to their schedule, buying stage, and interests.

Email Campaigns

Incorporate emails into automated workflows and use that information to better cater to specific audiences.

Lead Tracking

Understand site visitors by recording each touchpoint, page visit, form fill, blog read, and email open to analyze who they are and where they exist in the buying cycle.

Dynamic Content

Provide custom content on websites, landing pages, and emails that reflect the interest and funnel stages of lead types.

Landing Pages

Quickly and easily create and place custom landing pages to support individual campaigns, offers, and content.


Quickly and easily create and place dynamic forms to facilitate lead capture and enter users into a workflow.


Segment contact information into lists according to forms, touch points, workflows, and more.


Track the success of emails and landing pages, learn what converts, monitor how visitors discover and navigate a website and why they leave or take action.

How Do Companies Choose a Marketing Automation Agency?

Companies should look for an agency with platform experience, qualified professionals, and a love for inbound marketing. This is easy to say, but what does this mean when translated to concrete qualifications?

If a company is considering marketing automation for the first time, an agency should explain the capabilities of a marketing automation tool and how it can amplify their voice in their community and enhance their marketing efforts. 

If a company has experience with marketing automation services, an agency should be asked to review the current strategy, identify opportunities for improvement, and create a plan for value added services. Agencies that have committed to marketing automation as a pillar of their service offerings should be able to explain how marketing automation benefits other digital tactics and advise customers about new tools or advancements. 

Look for a HubSpot Certified Partner

Companies who are interested in working with a marketing automation agency to manage or consult on their HubSpot account should look for a HubSpot Certified Partner. Because if companies want to be the best, they need to work with the best HubSpot has to offer.

Arc Intermedia is a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner. This means that Arc has made a commitment to understanding and embracing the inbound methodology, maintaining current knowledge on the system and all updates or changes, continuing our education through online classes and events, and meeting HubSpot’s partner certification standards, which include testing and consistent work within the system.

For more information about Arc’s partner status, read why Arc chose to become a HubSpot certified partner and what it means on our blog.

What Other Agencies Won’t Tell You

Marketing automation is a valuable tool, but it requires a library of content to support it. Arc works to evaluate the success, weaknesses, and content gaps in a company’s marketing funnel. Arc helps clients structure their content creation, distribution, and placement in order to properly utilize assets and entice their audience.

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What Makes Arc Good Marketing Automation Agency?

Arc Intermedia believes marketing automation is more than just a tool, it’s a way of life. Arc understands that marketing automation services extend beyond emails and landing pages. We understand and appreciate the art of the sales funnel, quality content, laserfocused conversion opportunities, and workflows that nurture each lead as an individual. In other words, we embrace the philosophy, and the marketing automation platform is just the tool (which we also happen to be experts in).

Arc understands that each customer is unique and their needs or reasons for engaging in marketing automation vary. For this reason, each customer receives handson training and support, as well as regular platform evaluations, to identify opportunities for improvement and cost cutting, and to examine the health of existing contact databases. Arc allows each client to dictate the level of agency involvement. It can range from monthly consulting to complete management of the entire process for those who prefer to stay hands off.

Arc Intermedia is a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner and employs HubSpot certified professionals. This gives our clients an edge on the competition, even if their competition also uses HubSpot. Arc’s HubSpot certified professionals work to keep clients abreast of system changes, advancements, and opportunities. Many clients find that taking the advice of a HubSpot Certified Partner results in lower monthly costs of their existing marketing automation platforms.

Tools & Resources

Still Conducting Research?

We respect that. Choosing a marketing automaton agency and platform requires careful consideration.

But while you assess your options, consider downloading our Free Content Organization Kit.

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