Review of Apple’s App Store Search Ads

[REVIEW] A comprehensive look at Apple’s App Store Search Ads offering, as well as tips for app marketers.

Holiday Greetings from Arc Intermedia

Happy holidays from all of us at Arc Intermedia.

Why a Web Version Matters for an App Venture

Learn the benefits of having a website serve some of the same core services as your app.

Three Ways to Effectively Ask for Links

What is the secret to asking for links and actually receiving them? It all resides in how relationships are built. Take a look at these three aspects that you may be forgetting.

Have You Considered Online Display Advertising, Lately?

Banner advertising still has a bad reputation. However, with technology, RTB ,and granular control, the game has really changed. Look at how it can be done now.

Why You Need to Be Re-targeting

Advertisers claim that online re-targeting converts 20 percent higher than other online marketing efforts. Are you taking advantage of re-targeting?

What Do Customers Think?

Do you know what your customers want? Do you know what they think of you? Essential to any successful marketing effort is to understand your customers’ perceptions and ensure that they match yours. So, how do you do that?

Why I Love Paid Search

Sometimes, something that sounds too good to be true actually isn’t. Paid Search (or Search Engine Marketing) really is one of the most effective and cost-efficient forms of advertising currently available. Read all about why Arc’s president is in love with Paid Search.

Projecting Online Ad Revenue

Entrepreneurs planning online ventures are often confused when it comes to projecting advertising revenue. I offer the following guidelines on how you can calculate revenue projections for your business plan.

The Right Way to Build Brand(s) via Twitter

Faceless tweets from a logo, links, links and more links, and what you did last weekend are all poor form. It’s time to implement a real Twitter strategy for building your company and staff brands all while providing meaningful content with context. Here are my “How to” steps. Read on…