Email is Dead (Internally)

Instant message is the most productive way to communicate internally. An article written by Arc and posted to RingCentral’s blog explains why.

Integrated Digital Marketing Part 1: Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing

Marketing tactics are more effective when they work together. Read examples of how content marketing and SEO help each other reach more prospects.

Know the Differences Between Cost-per-Click, Cost-per-Conversion, and Cost-per-Tactic

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How Do You Know Your Marketing Efforts Are Working?

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Vital Tips for Proper Website Analysis

If you aren’t evaluating your site performance as a whole, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Learn about misleading conversion rates, on-page conversion opportunities, high bounce rates, and how to properly track site performance.

What Do We Mean When We Say a Conversion?

As customer acquisition specialties, we get asked all the time what is really meant by the term conversion. It’s an essential element of digital marketing, and so we define what is and isn’t a conversion in this quick read.

Quick SEO Tip: Optimizing Content

Google has changed how it wants content written. The new key: Write for people. Learn what that means in this quick guide.

Is Google an “Answer Engine” Now?

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Are You Ready for the New Wild West of Phone Apps?

Apple just announced fully fledged integration of third-party apps into their first-party iOS apps. What does this mean for you and your app development and marketing? Read on to find out.

A Website for the 55+ In-crowd

Explore the latest website designed and developed by Arc Intermedia — a site for 21 retirement communities built to be as easy-to-navigate as possible.