Year-end Review: Arc Was Clutch in 2018

We are particularly proud of our clients’ successes in 2018 and want to highlight some of them here, along with some kind words from those clients. Read on for the story.

Intent Matters for Online Ads: Don’t Fail

If you want to run online ads, you need to make sure you understand the intent of the ad, and the intent of the buyer. This article helps explain how to avoid failing by properly leveraging the powerful tool of online ads.

Google Maps is Changing – How Much Should You Freak Out?

Google Maps is changing how it works and it means the embedded maps on your site will break. But there’s an easy way to update that. Read how here.

Landing Page Optimization Best Practices: How to Choose the Right Message and Landing Page for Your Paid Search Campaign

If you want to run the most successful paid search campaigns possible, you want to reach these important tips on a dedicated landing page for your advertising efforts.

Becoming a Marketing Hero: What Benchmarks to Use to Set Goals for Success

Learn why understanding what marketing benchmarks to use and how to evaluate them is vitally important to your overall success.

How to Keep Standing When Google and Facebook Pull the Rug from Under Your Marketing

When Google and Facebook change how you can reach prospects, what should you do? Arc Intermedia gives the answers.

Integrated Digital Marketing Part 2: Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search

Marketing tactics are more effective when they work together. Read examples of how SEO and paid search help each other reach more prospects.

Email is Dead (Internally)

Instant message is the most productive way to communicate internally. An article written by Arc and posted to RingCentral’s blog explains why.

Integrated Digital Marketing Part 1: Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing

Marketing tactics are more effective when they work together. Read examples of how content marketing and SEO help each other reach more prospects.

Know the Differences Between Cost-per-Click, Cost-per-Conversion, and Cost-per-Tactic

Get the most out of paid search advertising by learning the important differences in definition and usage behind cost-per-click, cost-per-conversion, and cost-per-tactic.