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Over-the-air (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) advertising are game changers for brands that want the impact of TV exposure but don’t want to pay exorbitant fees to hit untargeted audiences. As an OTT/CTV advertising company, we know video ads on smart devices, entertainment apps, and platforms like YouTube provide the feel of TV, but tailored to show only for specific, relevant audiences at a fraction of the cost of broadcast or cable. Consumers still get the same “I saw them on TV” impression.

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Arc Intermedia’s Digital TV Advertising Efforts Include


Determine the best platforms, shows, and times based on goals. Target audiences around unique behavior, interests, activity, and more.

Script Support & Writing

Get assistance and guidance with the content, or have our experts write it for you.

Ad Creation

Full video ad creation services available if needed.

Control Targeting

Only be seen by prospects who might actually be interested in your offerings. No more shotgun approach.

Advanced Technology

Heavy investment in cutting-edge tools and platforms mean expert-level targeting and placement for better results, without you having to make the same financial commitments.  

Page Optimization

Consult on or produce effective landing pages to improve conversions and boost ROI.

Proactive Management

Experts constantly review and adjust the campaigns to earn the best possible performance.

Reporting & Analysis

24/7 access to every metric we have, with monthly calls to discuss results and next steps.

Get a FREE Audit & Assessment of your current video efforts!

Our connected TV ad agency is ready to review your: 

  • Targeting
  • Channels
  • Ad creative
  • Visibility
  • Engagement
  • Goals
  • Methodology

Find out how we would approach your goals, get a cost estimate, and learn about our integrated approach to digital marketing. 

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Our advertising strategies are based on each clients’ individual needs and goals, plus our years of experience. We are driven by data and fueled by passion and creativity. We learn your business. We treat your budget as if were our own. We constantly optimize and refine to reduce wasted spend and maximize conversions. This creatively analytical approach has helped us crush campaign performance goals and forge many lasting relationships. 

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