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How Google’s AI Overview is Potentially Reshaping Search Engine Optimization

Is Google's AI Overview the end of traditional SEO? Discover the implications for businesses and marketers, and learn how to stay ahead in the evolving search landscape.

CMO Series – Athletic Brewing

David Sonn attended the Philly Ad Club's CMO Series, featuring Andrew Katz. Andrew Katz is the CMO of Athletic Brewing, a top producer of craft, nonalcoholic beer.

David SonnDavid Sonn

Google’s Leaked Search Ranking Factors: What They Mean for SEO

A leaked Google document reveals critical search ranking factors, including the importance of clicks, backlinks, homepage quality, and content freshness, potentially changing the SEO landscape.

Patrick CoynePatrick Coyne

An Update on the State of Generative AI

Generative AI is rapidly evolving, impacting creativity and content production. This article examines its progress, explores the ethical implications, and provides insights into how companies can strategically adapt to this transformative technology.

Matt UlmerMatt Ulmer

The Invaluable Role of Schema Markup in Preparing for the Future of Generative AI Search

Learn how to enhance the schema markup on your website so you’re fully prepared for any upcoming advancements in generative AI search.

Ryan MartinRyan Martin

PubCon 2024 Minicap

May Rowland on the Arc SEO team was at PubCon 2024 when the major new Google algorithm update got announced. Read her recap of being amongst SEOs as this SEO shift was occurring.

May RowlandMay Rowland

Unlocking Growth: Google Ad Features Boost Local Business

Learn how to leverage Google's geo-targeted ad features for small businesses: location-based extensions, proximity targeting, and best practices.

Olivia BerryOlivia Berry

‘Twas the Night AI Took Over the Arc Holiday Card

Happy holidays from the Arc team! Please enjoy our holiday message created with the help of AI.

Katie SchiederKatie Schieder

Call Tracking: Revolutionizing Marketing Insights with Every Ring

Call tracking is a marketing tactic that can capture the source of incoming phone calls. Unique phone numbers can be placed on websites or added to online advertising, direct mail, and social media that when called, tracking software will capture the originating source.

David SonnDavid Sonn

Unveiling the Impact and Innovation AI Summit: Transforming the Future of Marketing

David Sonn's recap of Impact and Innovation AI Summit.

David SonnDavid Sonn

Digital Advertising for eCommerce: What Platform Should You Advertise On?

Amazon Ads are king for ecommerce advertising!" Or are they? Let's unpack how to really know what digital ad platform is going to help boost your online retail sales.

Laura SharpeLaura Sharpe

Sponsored Content Needs to be Part of Your 2024 Strategy (and Budget)

Thinking about ways to improve your marketing strategy? Consider sponsored content distribution.

Katie SchiederKatie Schieder

Google Makes Changes to Rich Results: FAQ and How-To

Learn about Google’s recent changes to its FAQ and How-To rich results, the implications for website owners, and contact info if your organic traffic takes a hit.

May RowlandMay Rowland

Stability and Growth

Established in 2010, solely with digital offerings from the onset, Arc Intermedia is a proven and stable business that companies have partnered with longer than most digital agencies have existed. Clients entrust us with substantial marketing budgets and responsibilities to produce meaningful results. We have invested in the people, tools, data, and resources so they don’t have to. Our Philadelphia-area firm is versatile and nimble, able to pivot when necessary, to effectively and efficiently increase customer acquisition for companies seeking growth.