Case Studies: Successes Delivered by Digital Marketing Experts

Below, you’ll find a collection of Case Studies that give you a peek into the challenges our clients encountered, how we approached solving them, and the success stories that emerged from each.

Arc Provides Clarity to International Organizations

Understanding what your customers and staff think of you, as well as what they want from you, is critical.

See how Arc empowered this organization.

Arc Makes Online Charitable Giving Easier

Charitable giving shouldn’t be this hard for those who give.

See how Arc made doing good, better

Arc Drives Education and Customers for Life Planning 

End-of-life planning should be similar to saving for college, a house, and retirement – but it’s not.

See how Arc changed that

Arc Delivers Residents to Upscale Retirement Community

Battling local completion, brand confusion, and a misunderstood offering, Arc boosts community occupancy.

Find out how

Our Results Speak for Themselves, but so do our our clients.

We have entrusted Arc Intermedia for more than a decade, partnering with them to deliver unparalleled digital solutions for our clients in myriad industries.

Kate Shields

Simply put, my organization would not be nearly as successful if it weren't for Arc Intermedia.

Ryan Beardsley

Arc is a true partner and acts as an extension of my team. Not only is every team member pleasant, courteous, and professional, but every single one of them is crazy talented...

Magali Tranié

Stability and Growth

Established in 2010, solely with digital offerings from the onset, Arc Intermedia is a proven and stable business that companies have partnered with longer than most digital agencies have existed. Clients entrust us with substantial marketing budgets and responsibilities to produce meaningful results. We have invested in the people, tools, data, and resources so they don’t have to. Our Philadelphia-area firm is versatile and nimble, able to pivot when necessary, to effectively and efficiently increase customer acquisition for companies seeking growth.