Welcome Arc’s Newest Director – Laura Jo Sharpe

Laura Sharpe
Laura Sharpe Director of Paid Advertising

It is with much joy that I say, “Hi, I’m Laura, the newest member of Arc Intermedia.” What a warm welcome I’ve already experienced since becoming a part of the team. I’m impressed with the breadth of talent and knowledge our clients have access to and I’m honored to have been invited to contribute to this collective. My hope is that I can offer an insightful approach to clients’ paid media strategies and challenge us to leverage data and creativity as we are presented with narrow target audiences or ambitious lead gen initiatives.

Leading up to my joining Arc Intermedia, I’ve been a digital marketing professional for over 9 years, having entered the world of online advertising by chance on the pursuit of a software development internship. In that time, I’ve been building and analyzing online campaigns with organizations across a range of industries, from local services and ecommerce to healthcare, higher ed, luxury real estate, and major international brands. Over the course of my career, I’ve managed tens of millions of dollars in ad spend across half a dozen digital channels.

Alongside my own hands-on strategy and campaign experience, I’ve also had the privilege of leadership, managing growing paid media teams, and serving as a director and program developer. I’m excited to continue on this path here with Arc.

Away from my desk, I spend my days staying active, playing amateur chef (which also sometimes means firefighter), enjoying live music, relentlessly studying and practicing new languages, and taking down street tacos like a champ. I’m a chaser of eye opening and exciting experiences and travel every chance I get.

I’ve been drawn to work alongside the group here at Arc because of their respect for paid media and SEO as a science and their commitment to continual learning. I’m thrilled to bring my energy and passion for paid media to the campaigns of our deeply valued clients and those yet to come. If you are one of those, thank you for having me and I look forward to earning your trust and growing your pipeline.