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Industry Experience

With our deep knowledge in internet marketing and hands-on experience across various industries, we never get trapped in a single way of thinking. Instead, innovative ideas continuously stream across our diverse client base.

A few clients we've partnered with for success

Sharp Acts Pennrose Assetworks

Our results speak volumes, but so do our clients.

“We have entrusted Arc Intermedia for more than a decade, partnering with them to deliver unparalleled digital solutions for our clients in myriad industries.”

– Kate Shields

Knowledge and Experience That Get Results

Arc Provides Clarity to International Organizations

Understanding what your customers and staff think of you, as well as what they want from you, is critical.

See how Arc empowered this organization.

Arc Delivers Residents to Upscale Retirement Community

Battling local completion, brand confusion, and a misunderstood offering, Arc boosts community occupancy.

Find out how

Full Service Digital Marketing

As seasoned professionals in every aspect of digital marketing, we deliver comprehensive programs and specialized services. We combine our human expertise with cutting-edge machine learning and AI technologies to achieve exceptional results.


Actively managed search engine optimization (SEO) programs rooted in strategy, research, and our three-legged stool approach.

Improve Search Rankings

Paid Search

Targeted, instant-on paid search programs efficiently focused on reducing cost-per-lead, to connect with the right audience for the best return

Attract the Right Customers


Get better targeting, improved ad spend, and have you brand be seen on the big screen.  

Make a Big Impression

Marketing Automation

Stay connected to current and prospective customers while improving organization and workflows. 

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Why Arc?

Founded in 2010 with a focus on digital solutions from day one, Arc Intermedia stands as a trusted and enduring online marketing partner.

Our clients, who have been with us longer than many digital agencies have existed, rely on us to manage significant marketing budgets and deliver impactful results. We’ve invested in top-tier talent, cutting-edge tools, comprehensive data, and essential resources so our clients don’t have to. Based in the Philadelphia area, our firm is agile and adaptable, ready to pivot as needed to drive effective and efficient customer acquisition for growth-focused companies.

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