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Want to know how much traffic you receive from each individual marketing campaign? Want to know how many clicks each external link earns you? Want to know which marketing tactics provide the most traffic to your site? Use Arc’s free UTM Generator and Tracker tool to find out!

INBOUND 2017 – Recap and Review

HubSpot announced their new products and platform updates at INBOUND 2017. Get inside our head! Read our recap and review of the product announcement to stay on top of the latest trends and advancements in marketing automation.

How Can Influencers Help My Marketing Efforts?

Understand the importance of influencer marketing to your buyers journey and how to use attribution models to identify where your content is most effective.

Decluttering Your HubSpot Account: How and Why it is Important

Learn why your HubSpot account needs to be cleaned, how you can save money, and why your report data may not be accurate.

How Diff Charitable Eyewear is Winning with Influencer Marketing

Diff Eyewear is making waves with influencer marketing. How are they succeeding? What makes their efforts different from other influencer marketing campaigns? We provide answers to these questions and tips on how you can succeed with influencer marketing.

Get Organized with Our Free Content Organization Kit!

Do you struggle to create a content marketing strategy? Does your content help leads travel through the sales funnel or does it feel random? Use our free content organization kit to plan, organize, and distribute your content across the funnel. Don’t just create content, create content with purpose.

How Can Inbound Marketing Help You Generate Traffic, Acquire Leads, and Convert Leads to Customers?

Do you prioritize converting leads into customers, but struggle to generate website traffic and leads? Learn how inbound marketing and content can help you generate quality traffic, acquire leads, and convert those leads into customers.

5 Things You Should Know About Data in Digital Marketing

Data is an important tool for digital marketers. Read how data plays a roll in the lives of each Arc team member and why we believe you should use data to influence your decision process.

List of Top Seven Things Marketers Need to Know about Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an incredible tool for B2B and B2C companies of all sizes, but you should beware of the requirements and limitations prior to purchase.

Welcome Arc’s New Inbound Marketing Manager, Katie Schieder

Arc’s new Inbound Marketing Manager is a Philadelphia native with a love for coffee, soccer, and all things digital! Read about her professional experience experience, recent travels, and her passion for inbound marketing.