How Diff Charitable Eyewear is Winning with Influencer Marketing

Unless you have been living off the grid for the past three years, I’m sure you are familiar with the concept of influencer marketing. But on the off chance you are living in a Pre-Donald Trump Presidency world, spending your time eating bonbons with Richard Simmons (, here’s a quick recap of my blog, previously published on SmartBrief, about How Diff Charitable Eyewear is Winning with Influencer Marketing.

How Do You Succeed?

Consider the following:

These are important questions you need to ask yourself before engaging in influencer marketing.

Success for Diff Charitable Eyewear

Diff Charitable Eyewear is winning with a fairly sophisticated campaign based on audience data, calculated risks, and a clear, cohesive message.

Diff promotes designer frames at affordable prices. A pair of trendy Diff sunglasses typically costs between $75 and $85. Although the sunglasses are marketed at a much lower price point than other comparable brands, Diff has chosen to promote their product to a younger (millennial) generation with more expendable income. This is why Diff has chosen to partner with multiple Bravo personalities, as shown in the images above. Diff has done their research so they know that Bravo viewers are primarily young, tech savvy individuals with college degrees, who work in middle to high income professions.

Diff is successful not only because the company targets a specific audience and places its product where potential buyers can learn about it organically, but also because they select influencers who personify a trendy, young, jet set lifestyle that appeals to the Diff audience.

Tips for a successful influencer marketing strategy:

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