Laura Sharpe

Director of Paid Advertising

Laura’s daily mission at Arc Intermedia: Broadcast what clients do best using strategy-rich marketing campaigns and make the results clear and insightful.

From humble beginnings in marketing as a remote radio broadcast technician to becoming a seasoned leader of online advertising programs and teams, Laura has spent her professional years in digital agencies across a range of business types and sizes. This diversity has become a defining characteristic of her experience, as it has allowed her to explore many tactics and unique strategies across ad channels and audience profiles.

Beyond paid media, Laura also carries experience across other fields of digital marketing, including SEO, web development, inbound marketing, and social media. With a belief that they are all cogs in the same wheel, she works to incorporate principles from these areas into paid strategies.

A committed lifetime learner, Laura continues to stay curious and diligent in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing on behalf of clients at Arc Intermedia.

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