David Sonn Featured on Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast with Rob Kischuk

Katie Schieder
Katie Schieder Director of Inbound Marketing & Content

Arc Intermedia President and Founder David Sonn was recently featured on the podcast Marketing Agency Leadership with Rob Kischuk. This podcast is self-described as “conversations with leaders and founders of marketing agencies, sharing wisdom on how they built their company, lessons they wish they knew when they started, and marketing and agency strategies for the months and years ahead.” The podcast has 100 episodes and is a quick dive into the world of marketing, how to build and maintain a business, and thoughts on the current and future marketing landscape. Rob Kischuk’s 30 minute interviews are packed with interesting guests and valuable information.

In the episode From Strategic Digital Hyperfocus to Infinite Traffic, David Sonn talks about his experience transitioning from traditional to digital marketing, how he made the conscious decision to grow his business slowly and with an experienced team, and why he believes that every company should be (hyper)focused on customer acquisition. Listen to David’s views on digital tactics (SEO, paid, content), the need for total transparency in reporting, and how to build a business that prioritizes long term success and client satisfaction.

Listen to the episode below on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher.