Google Mobile-First Index Myths

Do you know the difference between Mobile-First fact or fiction? We address common myths about link building, responsive design, AMP, expandable content, voice search, and more.

Rel=”nofollow” – What is it and How Does it Benefit SEO?

When used correctly, rel=”nofollow” can be your best friend. But if you don’t understand it, it can lead to some big technical issues with your site. This post covers the basics of using the rel=”nofollow” and offers examples of when you would want to implement it.

Digital Digest: Penguin 4.0, Possum, & Syndicated Content

The Digital Digest! Where we collect all the best SEO, SEM, Inbound Marketing, and general Digital Marketing stories from this past month. And with so many huge stories happening in October 2016, there’s plenty to cover – so let’s get … Continued

79 SEO Myths: A Comprehensive List of the Most Common Search Engine Optimization Misconceptions

With so much information on the web, Arc Intermedia compiled a comprehensive list of 79 Search Engine Optimization myths. Browse our huge list of SEO misconceptions now!

Why Your SEO Content Fails

Why does good SEO content fail? This blog post explores the many pitfalls experienced when creating optimized website content and executing a tactical plan.

What is RankBrain and How Can I Optimize For It?

Google recently announced one of it’s latest ranking factors: RankBrain. An AI that understands how people search. But how do you optimize your site for it?

Creating SEO Content for Link building… And How to Do Outreach Right

When it comes to link building, are you putting the horse before the cart? Make sure you’ve got great SEO content (the kind that people will want to link to) before you start your outreach. These tips will help you get your website assets in shape.

5 Ways a Paid Search Campaign Complements SEO

SEO and SEM don’t need to be enemies. Here’s 5 different ways that Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing (aka Paid Search) work together.

How Google Pigeon Affected Franchise Businesses

Google Pigeon had a big impact on national businesses with multiple local franchises. We share our steps for recovering your local search rankings post-Pigeon.

Philadelphia Marketer Spotlight: Dan Hall

For this Philadelphia Marketer Spotlight we chat with Dan Hall, Digital Media Director for Levlane. Keep reading if you like burgers and beer…