Social TV: The Past, Present, And Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media TV Predictions

What is the Future of Social Media TV?

The passive medium of TV has changed dramatically in the past decades. The old cliché of the couch potato vegging out in front of the boob tube has been replaced by a connected, socially active viewer who is sparking conversations with fellow fans, accessing exclusive show content during commercial breaks, and in a few instances, even influencing the plots of the shows they’re watching!

Of course, the idea of viewers taking an active role in their favorite TV shows isn’t new- Telephone call-in shows have been around since the 50’s- But we’re now at a point where technology (particularly social media) is advanced enough to accommodate the creative whims of marketers and television producers alike.

We’re already aware that the overwhelming majority of TV fans are using their smart phones, tablets, and/or other devices while watching TV, but how are those in the entertainment and marketing industries catering to this emerging audience? While many have attempted to capitalize on social buzz during TV broadcasts (some having more success than others), this new idea of social media TV marketing still requires refinement. The future of social TV will be one in which marketers will be able to find new and unexpected ways to engage their audience, but also one where marketers can more effectively target that audience through more advanced analytics. At the moment, social TV can feel a bit like the Wild West to some marketers. But when you consider the growth of social TV in just the past few years (for instance, the use of social media TV apps tripled in the past three years, reaching 10 million users), this trend simply can’t be ignored.

The fact is, those watching TV will be engaged in social media conversations about their favorite shows regardless. It will ultimately be up to marketers and television producers to devise interesting and effective ways to fuel these conversations and build brand awareness through positive word of mouth. Our latest infographic takes an in-depth look at just how social TV got to where it is. We also share a few relevant stats about the current state of social media and television. And finally, we offer our insight into what direction social TV is headed, sharing our predictions for how TV audiences will be interacting with their favorite shows in the near future.