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Practically every business sells their products online with major online retailers — Amazon, Google Shopping, Walmart, Target, and more. But only those who know how to advertise on these platforms stand out amongst the dozens, if not hundreds, of competitors. Work with a retail media agency like Arc Intermedia that knows how to build visibility on these critical platforms.

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Arc Intermedia’s Retail Media Efforts Include:

Platform Expertise

An experienced Walmart, Google Shopping, and Amazon advertising agency that appreciates the different intricacies of each major platform and beyond.

Keyword Honing

Focus on the keywords that bring in the most return.

Audience Targeting

Spotlight the exact right buyers for a product.

Product Optimization

Ensure product pages are in the best shape to generate sales. 

A/B Testing

Test different product names, descriptions, keywords, and more — leveraging data to form the best possible listings.

Hawkish Attention

Constant monitoring, analysis, and tweaking to ensure optimum results.

Transparent Reporting

An always-accessible reporting dashboard provides a window 24/7 into all key metrics.

Detailed Analysis

Monthly video calls to discuss successes, challenges, and next steps.

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Our advertising strategies are based off each clients’ individual needs and goals, plus our years of experience. We are driven by data and fueled by passion and creativity. We learn your business. We treat your budget as if were our own. We constantly optimize and refine to reduce wasted spend and maximize conversions. This creatively analytical approach has helped us crush campaign performance goals and forge many lasting relationships.

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