Influencer Marketing

Influencer Mareting

Discovery is the first (and sometimes the most crucial) step towards a prospect becoming a customer. This is why the first impression of a company is so important. Influencer marketing is, in many cases, that first impression. It should be a positive representation of a company with an inherent comfort level that encourages people to learn more.

Influencer marketing is a measurable tactic that enables new prospects to naturally discover a company’s brand through a trusted source. Arc works with influencers who positively impact clients’ individual brands and reflect their specific values. That includes entertainers, athletes, social media personalities, celebrities, or individuals at the top of their respected field.

In other words, Arc works to create relevant content that will attract the attention of potential customers in a way that feels natural. Building trust, spreading awareness, educating the ideal buyer. It’s all about understanding a company’s ideal customer, how the company wants their brand to be perceived, and the overall goals.

Arc Intermedia's Influencer Marketing Efforts Include

Research & Strategy

Research appropriate influencers across multiple platforms and develop strategies.

Influencer Management

Negotiate costs and actions, plus coordinate and verify placement, content, links, deadlines, etc.


Develop brand compliant content optimized for awareness, traffic, and positioning.


Detailed monthly reports on traffic, conversions, recommendations, and more.

How to Choose an Influencer Marketing Agency

A company trying to succeed through influencer marketing needs to devise a comprehensive outreach strategy, understand how each piece of influencer content fits within an overall sales funnel, and embrace the ability to test a variety of influencers, content formats, offers, landing pages, and topics to create an ever evolving formula for success.

Companies should also understand that the objective of this tactic is to increase brand awareness. Influencer marketing is the gateway to a new customer base, a new audience pool. It is rarely a direct generator of leads. This is a top of the funnel tactic and is meant to bring new prospects to a site as well as qualify a lead’s interest.

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What Makes Arc a Good Influencer Marketing Agency?

The way Arc Intermedia approaches influencer marketing is to listen to the needs and goals of each client and then offer a hands-on approach to best fits those needs.

A typical plan includes extensive research and analysis of potential influencers, a catalogue of requirements from both the client and influencer, an understanding of social distribution and amplification expectations, a monthly editorial and budget strategy, management of communication between client and influencer, measurement and analysis of results with robust reporting, and additional content distribution tactics.

Arc also supplies copywriting and content creation services and often manages the influencers and their efforts on behalf of clients.

Tools & Resources

Desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile screens.

Still Conducting Research?

We respect that. Choosing an influencer marketing agency requires careful consideration.

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