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Discovery is the first step toward a prospect becoming a customer. Influencer marketing services allow that discovery to occur on a human level. Arc works with relevant influencers to create engaging content that naturally attracts the attention of potential customers and begins to build a relationship with them. We start by understanding a company’s ideal customer, how the company wants their brand to be perceived, and the overall business goals.

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Arc Intermedia's Influencer Marketing Services Include:

Research & Strategy

Research appropriate influencers across multiple platforms and develop strategies.

Influencer Management

Negotiate costs and actions, plus coordinate and verify placement, content, links, deadlines, etc.


Develop brand compliant content optimized for awareness, traffic, and positioning.


Detailed monthly reports on traffic, conversions, recommendations, and more.

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As an experienced influencer marketing agency, Arc Intermedia approaches influencer marketing by listening to the needs and goals of each client and then offering a hands-on approach to best fits those needs. A typical plan includes extensive research and analysis of potential influencers, a catalogue of requirements from both the client and influencer, an understanding of social distribution and amplification expectations, a monthly editorial and budget strategy, management of communication between client and influencer, measurement and analysis of results with robust reporting, and additional content distribution tactics.

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