Re-targeting Advertising

Get More Out of Existing Marketing Efforts

The reason re-targeting is so effective is because it reaches prospects who showed an interest but haven’t yet taken action. For this reason, it amplifies and makes effective use of other marketing tactics.

Arc Intermedia develops extensive re-targeting programs from beginning to end, providing strategy, messaging, ad writing and design, visitor pixeling, media buying, reporting, and complete program management. Our powerful online media buying platform allows us to buy ad space at lower costs and then filter geographic location and dayparting for better efficiency.

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Ad Writing & Design

Seasoned copywriting and pixel perfect design aligned to deliver results.

Behavioral Marketing

Tracking website users’ behavior to understand why they left and how to re-engage them.

Audience Targeting

Can target specific prospects based on pages visited and engagement levels.

Big Inventory

Our wide reach allows us to secure ad placement across hundreds of thousands of websites.

Programmatic Buying

Leveraging powerful DSPs to find and bid on media in milliseconds and avoid overpaying.

Campaign Management

Daily monitoring and adjustments for maximum return.

Robust Reporting

Detailed monthly reports on traffic, conversions, recommendations, and more.

Ongoing Analysis

No laurel resting here – constant analyses of what’s working to optimize campaign effectiveness.

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