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Marketing automation platforms like HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot give marketers a full arsenal of tools that include the ability to create unique landing pages, forms, chatbots, email campaigns, automated workflows, segmented lists, dynamic content, and social media posts with automatic actions and reactions. Some even serve as full on CRMs. This helps identify qualified prospects, facilitate lead generation, and nurture leads into sales.

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Arc Intermedia’s Marketing Automation Services Include:

Automated Workflows

Establish workflows to automatically communicate with leads according to their schedule, buying stage, and interests.

Email Campaigns

Incorporate emails into automated workflows and use that information to better cater to specific audiences.

Lead Tracking

Understand site visitors by recording each touchpoint, page visit, form fill, blog read, and email open to analyze who they are and where they exist in the buying cycle.

Dynamic Content

Provide custom content on websites, landing pages, and emails that reflect the interest and funnel stages of lead types.

Landing Pages

Quickly and easily create and place custom landing pages to support individual campaigns, offers, and content.


Quickly and easily create and place dynamic forms to facilitate lead capture and enter users into a workflow.


Segment contact information into lists according to forms, touch points, workflows, and more.


Track the success of emails and landing pages, learn what converts, monitor how visitors discover and navigate a website and why they leave or take action.

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Arc Intermedia

Arc Intermedia is truly a hands-on partner when it comes to marketing automation, a full-on extension of the team. Each customer receives training and support, as well as regular platform evaluations, to identify opportunities for improvement and cost cutting, and to examine the health of existing contact databases. Arc allows each client to dictate the level of agency involvement. It can range from monthly consulting to complete management of the entire process.

We are a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner and employ HubSpot certified professionals. This gives our clients an edge on the competition, even if their competition also uses HubSpot. Arc’s HubSpot certified professionals work to keep clients abreast of system changes, advancements, and opportunities. Many clients find that taking the advice of a HubSpot Certified Partner results in lower monthly costs of their existing marketing automation platforms.

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