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The single most effective way to reach prospective buyers is to be seen where they are looking. That’s where paid search advertising services come in. No matter the company size or niche, paid search is an effective way to increase their search engine presence and sales.

Results from our Agency’s Paid Search Efforts Speak for Themselves

X Increase in leads Year-over-Year
Local Healthcare Non-profit
% Yearly decrease in costs per new lead
National Hospice Provider
% Increase in new leads in first year of engagement
National Retirement Community Chain
Integrated Digital Marketing from Arc Intermedia can produce greater, more efficient results
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Arc Intermedia's Paid Efforts Include

Keyword Research

In-depth analysis of competitor efforts, search query data and trends, user intent, and industry experts to cultivate the right terms to target.

Ad Writing

Highly effective ads with ad extensions, sitelinks, relevant keywords, and best practices to increase quality scores and capture the preferred audience.

Optimized Targeting

Daily, cross-channel bid optimizations aided by machine learning to calculate optimal costs, dayparts, geographic locations, device types, languages, and more, for improved performance and reduced ad spend waste.

Suite of Tools

A deep investment in industry leading tools and advanced technologies for better budgeting and smarter bidding decisions.

Page Optimization

Design or recommend landing page changes to improve conversions and boost ROI.

A/B Testing

Compare slight variations of a webpage to improve its usability and increase user engagements.

Performance Metrics

Identify what is and isn’t working through enhanced cross-device conversion tracking, user engagement configuration, and CRM integration.

Transparent Reporting

Customized KPI reporting with recurring meetings to review campaign performance and strategy recommendations.

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What makes Arc a good paid search company?

Arc Intermedia is a veteran in the integrated digital marketing playing field. We understand the game and know the right moves to achieve resultsOur advertising strategies are customized to clients’ needs and goals. We are driven by data and fueled by passion and creativity. Our holistic approach has helped us crush campaign performance goals and forge many lasting relationships. 

We hire Google AdWords Certified & Bing Ads Accredited professionals that are obsessed data and we indulge them by giving them access to some of the most advanced analytics & reporting tools to identify search trends, user behavior, industry history, and much more.  

We learn your business. We optimize to reduce wasted advertising spend and to maximize conversions. This is what we do.  

Tools & Resources

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Still Conducting Research?

That’s completely understandableSelecting a paid search agency or even deciding to use a paid search company at all is an important step.

But while you assess your options, consider downloading our Free Budget Tracking Tool.

It’ll let you compare all your current campaigns on a central dashboard, and review individual efforts for Google, Bing, retargeting, display advertising, social media, and more. Useful information for whichever agency you choose.

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