Digital Marketing Data & Analysis Services

Marketing decisions should never be made on a whim or based on “gut feeling.” It’s why Arc Intermedia works so hard to understand the story behind the data, enabling us to make informed choices in service to our clients’ marketing goals.

We operate with the belief in full transparency. We put digital marketing data at our clients’ fingertips with robust reporting and dynamic dashboards, and then follow up that data with detailed analysis and recommendations. Our intent is to provide companies with all necessary information to make informed, intelligent, effective decisions about their business.

Arc Intermedia's Data & Analysis Services Include


Provide direction on what should be tracked and why.

Set Up

Wire up Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and other reporting software, plus our own robust tools.

Tracking & Analytics

Provide detailed monthly reports and dashboards.


Provide monthly calls with explanations as well as suggestions on strategy and what to do next.

How to Choose an Agency for Digital Marketing Data & Analysis

Organizations looking to better understand their data need to partner with an agency that first appreciates what data needs to be tracked and what benchmarks they should be measured against. An agency also needs to be able to work with the organization to help determine what results will mean success, and what business decisions must be made to achieve that success. The key is in the agency taking the time to truly understand the business, and what is needed to propel it forward, as well as how more awareness or more traffic or more leads translates into more actual dollars earned for the organization. It should not be about what the agency typically measures or wants to measures — the right partner will put your needs first and develop a strategy that helps achieve your unique objectives.

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What makes Arc a good data & analysis digital marketing agency?

A sound marketing strategy requires accurate measurement. Arc Intermedia specializes in web analytics platform configuration so that organizations know precisely with whom and how well their campaigns resonate.

We have helped numerous companies better understand their data and use that data to make strategy changes that resulted in more website visitors, more quality leads, and ultimately more customers. Our monthly reports and dashboards put all the information at your fingertips, but our monthly calls convert the numbers into a clear story of what and how certain tactics are helping or hurting.

Tools & Resources

Still Conducting Research?

That’s completely understandable. Selecting a digital marketing agency for data collection and analysis or even deciding to use an outside agency at all is an important step.

But while you assess your options for data collection and analysis services, consider downloading our Free Free Content Funnel Organization Kit.

It’ll help you evaluate your content library, identify gaps in your funnel, and pinpoint where you need to focus your efforts. Useful knowledge for whichever agency you hire.

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