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When most people want a product or service, their first act is to Google it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of 1) understanding how prospects think about and search for key terms related to their intended action, and then 2) influencing internal and external factors of a company’s website to ensure that the site ranks highly on search engines for those terms.

In other words, when a prospective customer searches for a company’s offering, good SEO services ensure the prospect finds that offering.

And that starts with finding an SEO firm that can optimize your site within the greater scope of your marketing plan and goals.

Results from our Agency’s SEO Efforts Speak for Themselves

% Leads Increase Over Previous Year
National Chain of Retirement Communities
Million Increase in Visits Over 3 Years
News Site for National Association
% Traffic Increase in Second Year
Local Healthcare Organization
Integrated Digital Marketing from Arc Intermedia can produce greater, more efficient results
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Arc Intermedia's SEO Efforts Include

Audits & Analysis

Review current rankings, industry search trends, technical impediments to optimization, and more.

Keyword Research

Identify high value keyword themes to target through relevant content.

Content Optimization

Write and edit content optimized to capture relevant user interests.

Content Creation

Propose robust editorial calendars and content creation recommendations based on search interest.

Link Building

Strategic efforts to build links from reputable sources within search engines’ accepted practices.

Robust Reporting

Detailed monthly reports on traffic, conversions, recommendations, and more.

Thorough Training

Guidelines and training on how to write optimized blogs, press releases, and other content.

Social Media Guidance

Training and support on how to manage social media with SEO in mind.

How to Choose an Agency for SEO Services

SEO is more than plopping keywords on a webpage. SEO is more than ranking on a search engine for the name of a company. SEO is extensive, ongoing “white hat” tactics employed in a strategic process with specific goals. It spans on-page content, technical architecture, external marketing efforts, and much more. Organic search optimization services should, in fact, be part of the very foundation of a website build and marketing campaign.

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What makes Arc a good SEO firm?

Arc Intermedia specializes in SEO. We analyze who searches for what and why, and build a plan based on that data. We staff experts in the form of content writers, data analysts, technical specialists, link building publicists, and more to ensure all elements work collaboratively together to earn success. We constantly monitor, report, and tweak to continue reaching the right audiences who want the promoted offering and will convert.

These extensive organic search optimization services cover every aspect of your website – creating a strong on-site SEO foundation and building upon this with off-site SEO work, which can ultimately lift all your marketing efforts.

Tools & Resources

Step 3: Enter Your Rankings - Arc Intermedia Free SEO Keyword Rankings Comparison Tool

Still Conducting Research?

We respect that. Choosing aSEO firm requires careful consideration.

But while you assess your options, consider downloading our Free Keyword Ranking Comparison Tool.

It’ll let you evaluate how your rankings are changing, and where you need to focus your efforts. Useful knowledge for whichever agency you hire.

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