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Not to be confused with social media advertising, social media management involves strategizing, creating, and monitoring posts for online communities such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. It’s not just posting to social, it’s adhering to a well thought-out plan of what and when to post, for which purposes.

This form of content creation allows for a company to express their creativity, promote their values, showcase their work, and acknowledge their employees. Social media presents companies a platform to show potential customers and future employees their voice by posting valuable articles, links back to their site with relevant content, recognition of important milestones, and more. The goal of this tactic is to engage an audience, keep the company top of mind with consumers, and create fun, valuable, relatable content that can be shared, liked, or commented on.

Our social media content and marketing management services include strategizing what social channels a company should be active on; reviewing competitor accounts and industry trends; daily monitoring, tweaking, analysis; and reporting. Clients benefit from better understanding the content their audience wants to consume, while simultaneously building their brand.

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Arc Intermedia's Social Media Management Efforts Include:


Determine the best platforms and tactics to achieve desired goals.

Content Creation

Write content and create images/graphics that are appropriate, promote the brand, and are specific to the audience.

Tracking & Analytics

Detailed monitoring to determine what is and is not working.


Robust reports and calls to review results and next steps.

How to Choose an Agency for Social Media Management Services

Social media marketing and management should not be a task that you hand over to an intern or even to an agency that only exclusively does social media. Your social strategy needs to be an extension of your overall digital strategy. You should look for an agency that will evaluate your social media success in relation to how it impacts your other tactics (SEO, content, paid advertising, etc.). A complete digital agency can help you engage with your audience on social, direct them to a landing page or blog post, and help them continue the journey through to becoming a customer.

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What makes Arc a good social media management agency?

Arc Intermedia has spent years honing our skills across all digital tactics. Our efforts to create successful, lead generating social media campaigns via paid tactics have provided us the tools and knowledge to create organic social media campaigns that help build awareness and advance brand identity.

Our staff of copywriters and graphic designers work to not only create posts that promote products and services but to also highlight employment opportunities, additional resources for customers, company core values, community engagement, and fun posts that provide levity as well as valuable information to followers.

Tools & Resources

Still Conducting Research?

That’s completely understandable. Selecting an agency for social media management or even deciding to use an outside agency at all is an important step.

But while you assess your options for social media management services, consider downloading our Free Content Funnel Organization Kit.

It’ll help you evaluate your content library, identify gaps in your funnel, and pinpoint where you need to focus your efforts. Useful knowledge for whichever agency you hire.

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