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Social media presents companies a platform to express their creativity, promote their values, engage with current and potential customers or partners, recognize important milestones, and so much more. Regardless of whether a company is engaging in conversation on social media, their customers and prospects definitely are.

Too often social media efforts focus more on Likes than real results. Arc Intermedia’s approach to social media content and marketing management services is to focus on achieving real-world business objectives. As with everything else we do, we strive to acquire new customers for our clients, and believe social media is a powerful way to accomplish that. 

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Arc Intermedia's Social Media Management Efforts Include:


Determine the best platforms and tactics to achieve desired goals.

Content Schedule

Create a calendar consisting of post frequency, content, and platform

Content Creation

Write content and create images/graphics that are appropriate, promote the brand, are specific to the audience, and can drive real results.


Create real-time and scheduled posts across platforms.


Listen for conversation keywords and help engage with followers.

Tracking & Analytics

Detailed monitoring to determine what is and is not working.


Robust reports and calls to review results and next steps.


Education of team members to help monitor and engage with followers. 

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Arc Intermedia has spent years honing our skills across all digital tactics. Our efforts to create successful, lead generating social media campaigns via paid tactics have provided us the tools and knowledge to create organic social media campaigns that help build awareness, advance brand identity, and bring in new customers.

Our staff of copywriters, graphic designers, and social butterflies work to not only create posts that promote products and services but to also highlight employment opportunities, additional resources for customers, company core values, community engagement, and fun posts that provide levity as well as valuable information to followers.

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