Online Display Advertising

Online Display Advertising

One of the most powerful forms of online branding and awareness building is display advertising. Whereas many forms of online promotion require a prospect to be actively searching for a particular product or service, successful banner advertising services find prospective customers where they are already spending their time.

As an added benefit, this tactic is likely to improve other promotional efforts – because a company has been promoting its brand via visual display advertising methods, when the prospect is ready to act, he or she is more likely to think of that offering.

Arc Intermedia's Display Advertising Efforts Include

Ad Writing & Design

Seasoned copywriting and pixel perfect design aligned to deliver results.

HTML 5 Ad Creation

Flash is dead. We build animated ads in compliant HTML 5.


Can target audiences of specific locations and geofenced within a specific radius of a location.


Can target certain times of specific days by the hour.

Programmatic Buying

Leveraging powerful DSPs to find and bid on media in milliseconds and avoid overpaying.

Campaign Management

Daily monitoring and adjustments to the program for maximum return.

Robust Reporting

Detailed monthly reports on traffic, conversions, recommendations, and more.

Ongoing Analysis

No laurel resting here – constant analyses of what’s working to optimize campaign effectiveness.

How to Choose an Agency for Online Advertising

What makes a good display advertising agency?

Many factors go into effective display advertising. Not just the quality of the message and power of the visuals, but also the location of placement. Whether negotiating for a particular slot on a specific site, or strategically leveraging display ad networks to reach the ideal demographics across numerous appropriate sites, a good agency for online advertising and banner advertising will take into account a company’s goals, needs, budgets, and brand guidelines to create the best possible campaigns to send the best possible message about the products or services, in order to be noticed and remembered positively.

This involves:

  • Proper goal assessment
  • Effective strategic thinking
  • Big picture viewpoints to define a proper call-to-action and landing page for the campaign
  • Quality writing
  • Beautiful design
  • Strong negotiating skills
  • Ongoing monitoring with quick modifications when necessary
  • Thorough tracking and reporting to determine efficacy
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What makes Arc a good agency for online advertising?

Arc Intermedia is a veteran of the paid advertising space. We’ve spent years honing the exact right skills, technology, and tools to analyze user interest and behavior and create a campaign that matches.  

Our staff of copywriters, graphic designers, data scientists, and project managers build and oversee campaigns with constant monitoring, tweaking, and perfecting, to ensure we’re using clients’ budgets wisely, to build positive awareness and leads around their offerings.

Tools & Resources

Arc Intermedia Digital Budget Tracker

Still Conducting Research?

That’s completely understandable. Selecting a digital advertising agency or even deciding to use an outside agency at all is an important step.

But while you assess your options for digital and banner advertising services, consider downloading our Free Budget Tracking Tool.

It’ll let you compare all your current campaigns on a central dashboard, and review individual efforts for Google, Bing, retargeting, display advertising, social media, and more. Useful information for whichever agency you choose.

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