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Display prospecting advertising is one of the most powerful forms of online branding and awareness building. With Google display advertising services, companies can reach highly targeted prospects where they are already spending their time. Arc Intermedia’s approach to display advertising is to focus not only on the quality of the message and power of the visuals, but also the location of the placement, and ongoing improvements to ensure optimum success. 

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Arc Intermedia's Display Advertising Services Include:

Ad Writing & Design

Seasoned copywriting and pixel perfect design aligned to deliver results.


Digital video for TV advertising across big screens, computers, and handheld devices – with less cost, better targeting, and more data.

Programmatic Buying

Leveraging powerful DSPs to find and bid on media in milliseconds and avoid overpaying.


Advanced targeting to hone in on specific areas and even addresses, run during certain times of specific days.

HTML 5 Ad Creation

Flash is dead. We build animated banner ads in compliant HTML 5.

Campaign Management

Daily monitoring and adjustments to the program for maximum return.

Robust Reporting

Detailed monthly reports on traffic, conversions, recommendations, and more.

Ongoing Analysis

No laurel resting here – constant analyses of what’s working to optimize campaign effectiveness.

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Arc Intermedia

Arc Intermedia is a veteran of the paid advertising space. We’ve spent years honing the exact right skills, technology, tools, and processes to analyze user interest and behavior and create a campaign that matches.

Our staff of copywriters, graphic designers, data scientists, advertising experts, and project managers build and oversee campaigns with constant monitoring, tweaking, and perfecting, to ensure we’re using clients’ budgets wisely, to build positive awareness and leads around their offerings.