Arc Drives Education and Customers for Life Planning 

Everstory is a national owner and operator of cemeteries, funeral homes, and end-of-life planning services. 

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Educate prospective customers unfamiliar with planning and pre-buying end-of-life needs about the financial value and peace of mind available. 


Since most people aren’t aware of this critical life planning need, Arc Intermedia needed to educate the audience where they were, with messaging beyond a simple headline. Their strategy included: 

  • Educating prospects via long form content in an independent setting 
  • Education value prioritized over the “sell”
  • Leverage unique channels to touch those unfamiliar with concept
  • Build leadership position
  • Foster brand mentions within third-party content
  • Serve as a separate nudge to those who are researching 
  • Deliver content that continues to produce value well after published
  • Support all other marketing efforts  

With a plan to strategically use content, we implemented the following steps: 

  • Researched and defined audience, income, locations
  • Developed content topics to educate instead of hard sell
  • Researched and partnered with trusted publishers
  • Negotiated program to include social, email, web
  • Wrote and co-published long-form content
  • Actively managed a 10-month program
  • Tracked, compiled, and analyzed results
  • Presented results and program value to leadership 

Arc’s program drove significant content consumption. Education accompanied by brand value occurred externally of company properties, increasing perception of the messaging and providing lift for all other marketing efforts. It was an effective, top of the funnel strategy that increased brand awareness, and also drove website traffic with deeper engagement for the company and even lead to direct inquiries, both attributable as direct leads from the third-party sites as well as a source of repeat visits that converted from supporting marketing channels .

Key Stats

688,381 Content Impressions
54, 112 Facebook Impressions
283,550 X (Twiter) Impressions
1,951 Clicks
18 Inquiries

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