Arc Makes Online Charitable Giving Easier

This confidential client is an international investment company with a charitable endowment division for wealthy individuals.

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This trusted company had an online customer portal that was difficult to navigate, did a poor job of enticing prospective and current investors, and was nearly invisible in search engines.


Arc took on the role of business consultant and portal auditor first, to uncover all possible problems what approach was needed to solve them. Our consultancy included the following:

  • Uncover pain points of current portal
  • Research offerings and activity of competing offerings
  • Research online visibility/interest and competitor rankings
  • Analyze and recommend improvements to language
  • Address steps to improved customer support
  • Define online visibility and shortcomings
  • Help build business case for a new portal interface

To provide the business case for a new portal and then deliver on client needs, Arc provided the following:

  • Conducted research to understand audience, income, motivation
  • Analyzed portal usage data
  • Enrolled in and used competing portals
  • Performed screen tracking to understand usage
  • Provided new content and wireframes for a new portal interface
  • Provided design treatments and testing of all unique screens
  • Consulted on search engine optimization to improve visibility
  • Tracked, compiled, and analyzed results
  • Presented results and program value to leadership

Arc Intermedia’s efforts resulted in the following:

  • Coded and delivered an entirely new portal interface
  • Added and configured analytics tracking for KPIs
  • Positioned for better discoverability
  • Received very favorable feedback from users on new experience
  • Increased donor usage

Key Stats

+ 168% YoY Portal Use
+ 273% Organic traffic

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