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Founded by Aaron Beck, the originator of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, this is a nonprofit’s mission is to improve lives worldwide.

Therapist in a session with a patient.

Provide an outside perspective of the perception of the organization, product offering confusion, offerings of competitors, and the appetite for online training for practitioners.


To provide the answers this client sought, Arc Intermedia first needed to develop a plan for the expected deliverables.

  • Conduct an extensive audit with research and consulting
  • Understand the real and perceived differences of Aaron Beck vs. Beck Institute
  • Capture the perception of the organization by outsiders
  • Define the competition and their differentiators
  • Understand the value perceived by customers
  • Assess marketing efforts
  • Help decide if online training of professionals will work

To provide the clarity this client sought, we implemented the following tactics:

  • Researched online presence and search interest of the organization
  • Captured the perceived value of the organization and its founder
  • Conducted extensive competitor research
  • Conducted mystery calls to competitors to understand their offerings firsthand
  • Interviewed current and past customers
  • Interviewed staff in various positions confidentially
  • Reviewed the website, its analytics, and the results of all marketing
  • Tracked, compiled, and analyzed results
  • Presented results and program value to leadership

For this assignment, knowledge and guidance was the real gold. Arc Intermedia delivered these valuable findings to a very appreciated client:

  • Delivered incredibly valuable competitor data and tips for how to sell against
  • Made recommendations on messaging and online presence
  • Delivered detailed digital marketing media plan to replace their ineffective approach
  • Suggested opportunities to better build the brand
  • Provided a plan and tiers for workshop pricing and positioning
  • Strategized a customer-incentivized word of mouth program
  • Summarized staff interviews to facility internal changes and new hires
  • Made recommendations about offices and customer accommodations
  • Outlined a tiered sponsorship program for fundraising

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