A hospice care organization with 14 locations in seven states needed more prospective patients to evaluate for care.

Arc Intermedia used an integrated combination of search engine optimization and paid advertising tactics to maximize effectiveness. It started with long-term search engine optimization efforts while leveraging the immediacy of paid search ads, all with respectful attention on the private considerations of prospects. After attracting an audience of those in immediate need, we also built out educational assets for those just beginning their research, and engaged retargeting ads to recapture website visitors who had started their research process but had not yet engaged.

Increased website traffic by more than
2 million visitors over the first year. Nearly tripled patient inquiries in a year.

Increase in Traffic from Search Engines


total share of traffic driven by our digital efforts

Increase in sales leads in 1 year


Increase in paid advertising inquiries in 1 year (with a 64% decrease in cost-per inquiry)

Arc Intermedia is far and away our number one generator of patient leads.

A Deeper Dive

We’re proud to provide additional detail on how we achieved these results.


This organization has 14 locations throughout the country. That means Arc Intermedia needed to create two different approaches to search engine optimization:

  • Location-specific geo-targeted content to ensure high rankings for local searches and Google Maps searches
  • General content not attached to any specific location for people searching at a broader level

We achieved this by creating useful content connected to the area around each individual location, to help people in need of this service easily find an offering near them. We also optimized local listings such as Google My Business. Then, in addition to the local angle, we worked with the organization’s writers to create educational information and advice on the service type as a whole, for prospects higher in the sales funnel not yet ready to make a decision. An editorial calendar with training on how to write optimized articles and social media posts allowed the site to also capture traffic on topics that are more popular during certain times of years. All this and more ensured that we reached people at every stage of the buying cycle, both introducing them to the brand and getting them to convert when ready. Organic traffic increased from less than 20,000 a month when we started to more than 400,000 a month in 2019.

Paid Digital Advertising

Our digital advertising process took multiple approaches:

  • Prospecting display ads on applicable websites and social media so that, when prospects needed this service, they thought of us
  • Search engine advertising so that prospects actively searching for this service, both at a national and regional level, found us
  • Retargeting display ads on applicable websites and social media so that previous visitors to our website were reminded of the benefits and, when ready to convert, returned to us

We continuously monitored results and used that knowledge to adjust keywords, adjust bids, test new ads, and hone in on the most effective websites to display ads. The result was astronomical increases in ad clicks and sales leads: a near 3,000% jump in inquires at 64.1% less cost-per-lead over the previous year.

The end result of all these efforts is an actual over-abundance of leads. The sales team is never want for a new opportunity to try to close.