Year-end Review: Arc Was Clutch in 2018

Matt Ulmer
Matt Ulmer VP of Operations & Client Relations

At Arc Intermedia, we view ourselves as an extension of our clients’ marketing departments. We are here to be an additional, expert staff to help them achieve their goals. As such, we don’t often step into the limelight to claim any kind of credit, but our 2018 was so strong, our clients gave us a nudge forward to the front of the stage.

Many of them took the time to review us on websites such as, and we want to take this opportunity to thank them, and to showcase some of their kind words.

Keeping Our Clients Happy

2018 really was a banner year for our partners. For example, for a national chain of hospice and palliative care providers, 11 of the 12 months of 2018 were the best months ever in terms of traffic from search engines. Each consecutive month beat the previous month in delivering the highest traffic the website has ever seen. And the conversions followed suit, providing more leads than the company has ever received in a calendar year.

That was the trend for most of our clients. We conduct detailed report calls every month for all our clients, to update them on progress, answer any questions, explain any issues, and discuss next steps. On almost every call this year, we started with the phrase, “This month was yet again the best month ever in the site’s history.” It sure made those calls a lot of fun!

Words from Our Clients

Understanding the Environment

Image Source: Pixabay

It’s one thing to do good work, we take great pride in that. But it means even more when our clients publicly acknowledge our good work, as many did in 2018. Particularly via reviews and testimonials on Clutch. You can see their detailed write-ups here, and we thought we’d take a moment to highlight some of them, since we like it when they come out into the spotlight as well.

I’m particularly fond of this quote from the director of a medical labs guidelines institution:

“Arc was very cognizant of our customers’ perception.”

I like it, because we take great pains to appreciate the landscape of our clients, to fully understand the industry, and their prospective customers, as well as they do. And our colleague here acknowledged that effort. He also focused on another goal of ours, which is to ensure open and honest communication at all time. This review mentions having an active relationship with many of the principles at Arc, from the president to the head of search and many more.I’ll conclude this section with the conclusion of the review, which expands on the customer perception line where we started:

“[What did you find most impressive about them?] Their knowledge. The way they think past a single project, looking at the whole picture and how your business ties together, is great. They incorporate long term goals with their expertise. Other vendors that we work with are very focused on the project and they don’t necessarily look at the whole picture, or how our brand flows across campaigns. Arc was very cognizant of our customers’ perception.”

One of the tactics we perform for this organization is eCommerce SEO, and that SEO currently accounts for 50 percent of all their revenue. We thank everyone at the organization for continuing to work with us and act as such great partners for us.

Customer Acquisition

Another review that makes me particularly proud comes from the director of marketing at a retirement community organization with 23 locations along the East Coast. We call ourselves the customer acquisition specialists, dedicated to bringing our clients not just new leads, but quality leads that will convert into sales. The marketing director’s quote confirms our efforts, with:

“After the website launched and through the online marketing efforts of Arc Intermedia, we literally doubled the amount of monthly leads we received, and we’ve seen views increase greatly through paid searches. We’ve seen an increase in sales directly related to people who have visited the website. The percentage of these prospects who initially came to us as a lead through the website and then moved into one of our communities is getting higher and higher as we continue through our process.”

That is exactly what we set out to achieve, and it’s so satisfying to hear it (or rather, read it) publicly recognized. Thank you to the director and all our colleagues working hard to give retirees the lives they deserve.

Everything We Ever Wanted

I’d like to round out this year-end review with a few more quotes that encourage us to keep doing what we’re doing. Says the president of a branding firm that hired us to help with the marketing for a national chain of hospices:

“They’re extremely professional and great at follow-up. They have a great workflow system. Our program has a lot of moving parts to it, many deadlines, and different partners, so we really rely on Arc. They are the foundation of our content program, keeping all our social, PR, and any other content that we have our client developing on the technical side. Arc is always there and on their game.”

And the digital marketing supervisor of a deathcare company with more than 300 cemeteries throughout the country says:

“I can call them at any time. They solve my issue quickly if not immediately.”

That’s what we’re here for. We are our clients’ partners. We are an extension of their marketing department. We are the best marketing employees they wish they could hire for their companies, and now can through us. 2018 was indeed a terrific year for us and for them, and I believe one of the digital marketing supervisors we work with sums it all up perfectly with:

“Arc Intermedia has been able to do everything that I’ve ever wanted.”

Thank you to all of our clients in 2018. Thank you for making it a wonderful year. We can’t wait to watch 2019 surpass it for all of you!