Continuous Audience Sharing

Olivia Berry
Olivia Berry Senior Digital Advertising Manager

What is Continuous Audience Sharing?

Google added a new feature in February 2020 that makes it easier to share audiences between manager accounts. Initially, Google only added a setting called “Continuous audience sharing” to the manager account, which allowed users to share all the available audience lists in the manager account with all of its sub-accounts. This was a significant update because it streamlined the list sharing process for brands and businesses that have multiple accounts under a single manager account.

Now Google has announced that sub-accounts will be able to share their audience. When this option is enabled, all existing and new remarketing lists created by sub-accounts are shared with your manager account automatically. Therefore, with this update, sub-accounts and manager accounts will be able to share their audience lists.

Why Does This Matter?

If a PPC professional has a number of campaigns with similar audience targeting, continuous audience sharing can save time that would otherwise be consumed producing new audience lists or individually selecting audiences from separate accounts.

Before Sharing an Audience List:

  • Make sure audience lists aren’t private or confidential.
  • If you’re sharing a list with another account, make sure the list’s owner has granted you permission.
  • Make sure you’re not accidentally violating a privacy policy by sharing an audience list.
  • Remember that any changes you make to a shared list affect all of your accounts.

How to Set Up Continuous Audience Sharing:

  • Login to your manager account.
  • In the left navigation menu, select Settings, then Account Settings.
  • For “Continuous audience sharing,” you’ll see a drop-down menu. Select the down arrow with the down arrow.
  • Select “Add this manager as an audience manager for all sub accounts” from the drop-down menu. All segments shared with or owned by your manager account will be shared with its sub-accounts.
  • Click Save.

How Can Arc Help?

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