The Benefits of an Online Company Media Center

Matt Ulmer
Matt Ulmer VP of Operations & Client Relations

Online Media CenterMy father was a journalist.  Some of my closest friends are journalists.  I’ve spent a great deal of my career in public relations.

Why am I telling you this?  Because after having experiences on both sides of the media fence, I know that your organization should have an online newsroom that offers easy access to company information and assets.

But having spent the other half of my career in online marketing and corporate communications, I also know that an online newsroom isn’t just for media – it’s also for employees, vendors, and consumers.

So this article will detail what I’ll call a Company Media Center, and why you should have one.


The intention is to create an asset repository; to provide quick, easily sharable access to important details and resources of your organization.  This includes:

  • Logos and images in the proper file format
  • Good quality, approved photography and video
  • Executive bios (with headshots)
  • Company factsheet and history
  • Recent press releases and media coverage



To understand why it’s so helpful to package all these assets in one location, consider these three sample scenarios.

Enhanced media coverage
Scenario 1 – Journalist wants a photo of an event and the CEO’s bio
Busy reporters appreciate help when they can get it.  Providing easy access to facts and information that build their story and photos that enhance it can earn you more and better coverage.  Highlight your subject matter experts and you may become a go-to resource.

Business efficiency and branding control
Scenario 2 – Graphic designer needs the latest logo for a brochure
How often have you seen a marketing piece with the wrong company colors, or a sponsorship where the logo is pixelated?  With a Company Media Center, your in-house staff and any vendors will always have access to the correct and most current iterations of your brand look and messaging.  No more inconsistencies.

Increased engagement with customers
Scenario 3 – Potential customer is interested in your company history and some quick facts
Potential customers are looking for a story.  Give it to them with company history, easy digestible details, and photos together in one convenient location.  Making images and videos sharable may even help current customers become advocates.

There are numerous other scenarios where it would be beneficial to deploy an in-house document management tool, an online newsroom, and a dynamic About Us page all in one simple resource.  It can result in more engaging publicity, better control over your company image and brand, and more efficient business processes, as well as providing you a new marketing page and tool.

Coming from someone with my varied communication background, a Company Media Center is just good PR/marketing/corporate communications.