3 Easy Tips for Effective Landing Pages

Matt Ulmer
Matt Ulmer VP of Operations & Client Relations

Effective Landing Pages from Arc IntermediaHere’s a little secret on how to make your marketing efforts instantly more successful: Use a landing page.

A landing page is a single Web page serving as the punctuation at the end of a marketing campaign. Whether running an email, direct mail piece, billboard, QR code, radio ad, or other form of advertising, you should send your audience to a specific page created for that campaign.

Landing pages are incredibly powerful tools for tracking the success of your marketing efforts and gathering new leads. Here are three easy tips to building an effective landing page.

1. Focus on a single topic

Your landing page should be focused on one single thing. A service, product, promotion, event — whatever it is you’re trying to highlight in your campaign. But only one. The idea is that if you give your audience only one thing to do, they’re more likely to do it. Don’t distract them with multiple options or messages. Don’t include navigation to your main site or to information about other products. This should be a simple, focused effort designed to educate your audience and motivate them to take action. Which brings us to…

2. Ask for the visitor’s information

The first goal of your landing page should be to educate your audience on your topic. But then you need to get them to give you their contact information. After all, what’s the good of getting them to your page if you don’t know who they are? Include a brief, easy-to-complete form that asks for contact essentials like their name and email address. Make it easy to do. If you ask for too much information, people won’t bother taking the time.

Please note that forms are far more effective when you give your audience something for their effort. Consider a prize for filling out your form, like a sample of your offering, a chance to win a prize, or some of your own information, like an educational white paper.

3. Use engaging visuals

The copy is what matters (think of it as your sales person), but you still need something visual to capture interest. Photos are almost always a good choice, particularly photos of attractive people smiling and looking at the site visitor. But photos aren’t required. All that matters is that the page has visual interest. Take a look at the Arc landing page at the beginning of this article as an example of how to make a page look engaging without a photo.

Special bonus tip

If the single topic you’re promoting on your landing page is a new idea to the site visitor, explain it before asking for contact information. Sales people don’t call prospects and then start the call with, “So how much do you want to buy?” They educate first, and so should your landing page — get the visitor excited about the opportunity and then ask for the sale. Even if that means putting your form at the bottom of the page. Trust us, it works.

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