Don’t Sound Like Everyone Else

Matt Ulmer
Matt Ulmer VP of Operations & Client Relations

Unique Online Marketing“We are the premiere leading-edge innovators in our space.”

Sound familiar? Too often the copy for websites, brochures, ads, and other marketing materials is the same nonspecific message for every company across every industry.

“We make the best thing in the shortest amount of time for the lowest price.”

It’s time you stood out from your ocean of competitors. You may in fact be the best at what you do, but simply saying it won’t get anyone to believe it. Quite the opposite, actually: the more you say you’re the best, the more potential consumers won’t trust you.

So what can you do?

Show that you’re the best
Have you won any awards in your industry? Are there any stellar reviews of your product or service? Is there a positive news story about your latest release? Highlight all of that on your website and in other marketing materials, in an easily scannable format that displays the logos and icons.

Have other people say that you’re the best
Create a Web page or marketing piece for client testimonials (use video when possible). Consider reserving a sidebar of your site for rotating positive quotes. When other people talk about how you helped solve a problem of theirs, it lends credibility and gives customers ideas of how you could help them.

Explain why you’re the best
Be specific in your language. What is it about your unique process or patented materials or intensive training that makes your product or service or people superior? Don’t simply provide empty boasts of being creative or unique or innovative — explain the details of your operation and how those details are different, interesting, better.

Always make it about them
Everything you talk about must be focused on the customer. Even your testimonials aren’t about you, they’re about how you solved a problem for someone else. When you write your copy, don’t just write about how long you’ve been in business or how many important companies you serve — explain how this experience and expertise results in a better outcome for the consumer.

When your marketing materials make blanket statements that you’re the best at what you do, you sound like everyone else in your space, who all make the same unsubstantiated claim. Stand out, and prove to customers that you really are the best choice for their needs, by highlighting what it is that makes you special. You are unique, and your marketing copy should reflect that.


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