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Katie Schieder
Katie Schieder Director of Inbound Marketing & Content

Did you know that Arc Intermedia is on Instagram? Yes, you read that correctly. Our team of digital natives have branched out beyond our daily tasks of SEO, web dev, and paid media to bring you a taste of what it’s like to work at and with the Arc team.

What to Expect

You may be wondering what you can expect from the Arc Instagram account. The answer? A little bit of everything. You’ll see a combination of digital marketing facts and tips, company updates, dog pictures, and work/marketing related memes. We want it to be a fun, informative account that gives you a peek behind the curtain of what it’s like to be on the Arc team. As you will see, we love our pets. We love them so much that a few may have earned the title Employee of the Month. We also enjoy an occasional funny meme and of course will always be ready with a fact or stat that relates back to digital marketing. Here are some examples.


Our team loves their animals, so much so that we consider them to be co-workers. Look for posts detailing the lives, roles, and responsibilities of our four-legged colleagues.


Meme’s are so much fun. We enjoy a meme that accurately and humorously displays our daily life – and if you ask our Direct of Operations, Matthew Ulmer, about this meme, he would probably say it’s more fact than fiction. Look for memes on our page that relate to working in an office, video/Skype/Zoom meetings, pop culture, and more.

Facts and Stats

Pet’s and memes are great, but we couldn’t create an Instagram without adding a few digital marketing facts and statistics. If you work with Arc, you know we love data, so we decided to share some of the more interesting pieces of data and reports with you in quick, snackable Instagram posts. Look for facts about social media, paid advertising, SEO, Google reviews, and more. Now you can feel like you’re learning while scrolling!

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