Free Magic Digital Advertising Budget Tracking Tool

Rasheed Hendricks
Rasheed Hendricks Director of Digital Advertising & Analytics

One of the biggest challenges when managing digital marketing efforts across multiple channels is tracking and managing the daily budgets.

It’s difficult juggling differing tactics with differing budgets. We feel your pain.

That’s why we’ve created a dynamic tool to help you plan, manage, track, and report on advertising budgets. Better yet, we’re giving it away for free! 



Here’s how to set it up

The first step is setting up the budgets for the publishers you’d like to track in the associated tabs. The publisher tabs include formulas to help you plan campaign budgets and gives you the ability to adjust them on the fly.

Simply add the overall budget for the campaigns and their start and end dates, then sit back and watch the magic happen. Your overall budget will be evenly distributed to the active months. To adjust budgets for seasonality or just for fun, add +/- percent values in the budget adjustment column.


Note: Your adjustment percentage needs to equal 0% to spend the total overall budget.


The budgets outlined in your individual publisher tabs will be carried over to the main dashboard. The main dashboard, or daily budget tracker tab, contains the allocated budget for each channel in the current month. 


Once you have the budgets set up, go to the “Daily Budget Tracker” tab. 


Daily Budget Tracker Tab

The budget tracker tab is your main dashboard. It’s set up so you can quickly track conversion performance and daily spend trends. The basic set up is easy. The sheet’s
formula’s do most of the work for you, but you will need to add the start and end dates for the current month. The sheet will calculate the remaining days of your campaign.

Add current campaign spends and conversion data and the budget tracker will calculate the average daily spend, the amount
left, and suggest daily spend based on the days remaining in your campaign.


The pie charts will give you an easy way to see how your campaigns are performing by percentage of spend and conversions.

This sheet should help digital advertisers plan and track budgets for multiple channels. We use an automated version of this sheet to manage our budgets and keep them on track.

If you need help managing your campaigns and improving performance, please drop me a line.