Happy Holidays!

David Sonn
David Sonn President

December is my favorite month.

All year, most of us operate at breakneck speed, hustling to the next meeting or event, working through a never ending task list, pushing to hit deadlines that get more impossible every year, all while frantically hoping to reach our monthly quotas. And then, December happens. Sure, the early part of the month is possibly the most hectic in trying to get the year wrapped up in mere days, but as this final month unfolds, that much needed giant exhale begins to be heard.

The pace get a little more relaxed, the focus finally turns to holiday parties, the mood becomes lighter. And if you’re lucky to live or work in snow country, Mother Nature will send a reminder that she still calls the shots. This is why December is my favorite month.

As we enter this season of cheer and holiday spirit, we at Arc are thankful for another prosperous year and are especially appreciative of all who have helped us along the way – clients, partners, friends, and family.

We wish all of you a joyous, relaxing, and fun close to 2017. Happy Holidays from Arc Intermedia!