Why Does our Google Partnership Matter?

David Sonn
David Sonn President
Courtesy of Google

For our digital marketing agency, a large part of our service offerings are tied directly to Google. So we’re very proud to be recognized by Google as a certified partner. Due to our spend levels, completion of their testing, and use of many of their services, Google reported that we are at a level achieved by only 5 percent of U.S. advertising and marketing agencies.

That’s nice, but what does it matter?

Clients’ Benefit

We offer our clients many services that leverage Google, including search engine optimization, display advertising, display re-targeting, analytics, attribution tracking, and more. We are also entrusted with sizable client budgets ear-marked for paid search, a tactic I personally view as one of the most effective forms of generating sales and leads.

Since we’re power users of AdWords, Google’s paid search service, our partnership includes an assigned Google rep who constantly monitors our campaigns. We have monthly and sometimes weekly calls with our Google team to review performance and goals and to discuss enhancements, A/B tests, and additional tactics. The Arc paid search team are experts in their field, but it’s certainly an advantage to have a Google guardian angel ensuring we’re getting the absolute best results for our clients.

“If you are looking for an ad agency to manage your PPC campaigns, choosing a company that is a Google Certified Partner is a must. An agency not certified should be a red flag and an indication that they may not be capable of properly managing your business and maximizing your budget for optimum ROI.

In order to achieve Google Partner status, a company must demonstrate success by delivering and maintaining solid revenue growth. This process validates a company’s skills and expertise within AdWords, which is essentially Google’s way of kicking the tires for you. (Thanks Google!)”

– Rasheed Hendricks, Digital Advertising Manager

Team Expertise

To keep our Google certification and partnership in good standing, our team is required to take and pass tests on many of Google’s products and services. While no one likes to be tested with the specter of being graded and possibly even failing, I know this makes our team better. It forces us to stay current and be able to perform at the highest level possible.

Through our partnership, we are also provided with additional education materials and resources to help us stay current and be as knowledgeable as possible. In the event an answer can’t be found, we are afforded a live person for asking questions and discussing our challenges. Having a Google hotline is a huge benefit!

Beta Tester Advantage

In addition, our agency has qualified and is enrolled in Google’s select beta testers program. Throughout the year, Google privately tests features and services and will select specific agencies that best match these solutions. Under NDA, we can see services long before other agencies and companies, giving us a big head start when they are actually released.

Business Health Partner

Running a marketing agency in an ever changing digital landscape while trying to ensure stability and peace of mind for both staff and clients is no easy task. Just take a look at how agencies close down or have layoffs when a large client is lost or the economy takes a dive. It’s a frail business model.

Google helps us keep our business healthy by appointing us an Agency Development Manager. This person provides us research and vertical trends data, acquisition strategies, and even collaborates with us by providing proposal and presentation materials. Even further, they have offered to participate in our pitch meetings when an important opportunity arises. How powerful is it to have Google sitting by your side when being considered by a new prospect!

As our business partner, we conduct quarterly business reviews and strategic check-ins to review the performance of the previous quarter and help us to plan activities for the upcoming period. It’s like having an outside business consultant, vested and providing insight to better help our agency’s growth – all at no charge.


Our Google partnership is more than a badge on our website, although that in itself does lend instant credibility to our agency. It provides us with the resources to deliver the best possible results for clients, it gives us distinct advantages over other agencies, and it provides a business partner in our corner to aid in the stability, growth, and credibility for our company.