Proud Sponsor of Philly Tech Week

David Sonn
David Sonn President

The 8th annual Philly Tech Week will begin later this week, starting April 27, 2018 running through May 5. With over one hundred individual events throughout the Philadelphia region, topics range from latest technologies, coding, health tech, sciences, creativity, and business, to the ever-important roles of local government, the media and social impact. Also included are events focused on critical discussions about diversity, social change, women in technology, and impact on education. 

A complete list of these events with details and registration can be found on the Philly Tech Website. And not to worry, there are plenty of fun and social events to meet others, discuss these topics informally, play games, and have a “refreshment” or two.  

Why Philly Tech Week is Important 

Philly Tech Week attracts all types of people from entrepreneurs, founders and investors, to technologists, students, job seekers, local industry experts, and leaders from corporations who call Philadelphia home. The events themselves feature more than 130 speakers, both local and nationally-based. This provides invaluable access and an opportunity to share ideas, discuss hurdles with others who may have faced similar challenges, make connections, and learn. 

For attendees, the benefits are probably clear, but in terms of benefits for the region it’s a bit different. Philadelphia is the 6th largest city in the United States, and like other major metros, innovation, technology, and new companies are the life blood for a city to be healthy and grow. No longer does Silicon Valley have a complete stranglehold on the tech startup landscape. Rather, it’s cities like New York, Boston, Austin, any many more that are competing for these new ventures. Philly Tech Week is a chance to show off how tech-friendly the region is and the diverse startups that have already chosen Philadelphia, with the hopes of attracting more.  

The greater Philadelphia area is home to many universities and colleges with pools of talented students. Philly Tech Week is an opportunity for these students to see what Philly has to offer them in the startup and technology arenas and in turn, give them a chance to meet local companies. Philly Tech Week is an important piece in enticing these students to choose the Philadelphia region after school. Retaining and attracting this talent and their innovative ideas are vitally important.  

Why Sponsor? 

As a digital marketing agency in the Philadelphia area, Arc Intermedia understands the importance of Philadelphia’s success in attracting and supporting tech startups, talented individuals, and major companies that are considering Philadelphia as a home for their operations. These outcomes have a direct impact on our company and the communities we live in. We sponsor Philly Tech Week both financially and through our own promotion to help it achieve this important work.  

Favorite Things 

I’ve attended a variety of these events since the inception of Philly Tech Week. It’s great to meet the founders of successful startups, experts you read about in the news, and those you’ve encountered on listservs and Twitter with a chance to put a face to the digital voice. And if there’s a hard to reach VC you’ve been wanting to meet, this can be your best chance. 

As for specific events, Philly Startup Leaders Entrepreneur Expo is an annual stop for me and this year’s is on May 1st at the Franklin Institute. This tradeshow showcases local startups, supporting vendors, and much more. It includes music and refreshments and usually draws all types of people participating in Philly Tech Week. This makes for an informal venue for meeting and speaking with those you may have missed at other events. In years past, Philly Startup Leaders also sells a PSL T-shirt featuring the design of a local artist, supporting the organization. It’s definitely worth the cause for a mere $10. 

This year, I’m especially interested in attending Building a Digital Content Strategy that Generates LeadsDesign Slam and Philadelphia Futurism: a local take on the next 20 years. To wrap up the week, I always attend and recommend the PTW18 Signature Event.