Have You Considered Online Display Advertising, Lately?

David Sonn
David Sonn President

Online display advertisingAdvertising online with banner ads has a bad reputation from days past. It still carries the stigma of impressions no one sees, click-through rates at close to zero, and the wild west of pricing that made ROI a sobering disappointment.

A New Approach.

In most cases, buying ads directly on a single website can result in paying rates higher than the returns can justify. It’s often ineffective in achieving your goals and lacks any chance for optimization throughout the campaign. That’s more old school and not in a good way.

Rather, you should target an audience instead of a website. To achieve this, many advertisers now use an ad network to gain reach across many websites. And while this is a step in the right direction, an ad network may have a limited supply of quality placements. More importantly, most ad networks aren’t truly optimizing to your goal and ROI.

The Power of Technology.

At Arc, we have learned that a combination of expertise and technology can achieve meaningful results from banner advertising. To put technology to work, we employ one of the world’s most powerful DSPs (Demand Side Platform). This software control center lets us develop, manage, and analyze campaigns for which we can buy placements on hundreds of websites simultaneously, evaluating each potential impression against our goals, audience profile, and campaign parameters. This is all done real-time (RTB = Real-time Bidding), occurring in milliseconds for each transaction through powerful algorithms.

Because we’re not limited to a set number of websites or ad networks, we have countless opportunities in which our system submits a cost bid based on the quality of the viewer and the percentage by which our goal can be accomplished. Determined by our calculated value of the impression, we only buy at our price or lower. We’re in control, not the ad networks and website owners.

It Gets Even Better.

We first define and set the goal of our campaign within our platform: 1) Branding, 2) Traffic, or 3) Conversions. This focuses our strategy, creative, and tactics as well as all decisions made by our DSP. Within the platform, we can also leverage audience data from top tier providers to better target the audience we seek.

To further increase our campaign’s effectiveness, we can define the geographic locations we choose to target, from countries to zip codes, the time of day we want our ads to appear, the frequency at which our ads are displayed, and our budget. We can even target positioning on a Web page.

Our platform provides powerful reporting that can then be analyzed and used for optimization. This data helps both our experts and the software to constantly modify the campaign for better results and more effective use of the budget.

The Past is No Match.

Hopefully you can now see how this powerful technology and a smarter approach have changed the game. Leveraged by our seasoned team, this platform allows us to provide the complete strategy and management of banner advertising that works for your goals, for your ROI.

So, forget banner advertising of old and consider this strategy to accomplish your goals. If you’d like to discuss how an online advertising campaign can be developed for your company, contact us.

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