Why You Need to Be Re-targeting

David Sonn
David Sonn President

Online Retargeting Marketing AdviceWhen I shop or conduct research online, I rarely take action on the first or even second option I find. Instead, I continue my search to compare and convince myself that I’ve exhausted all possibilities and have truly uncovered the best fit for me. This can take days if not weeks, depending on the need.

I’m not the only one.

It turns out that this act of finding what I’m looking for but then leaving the site to keep looking is common online behavior. It is in fact why Re-targeting exists.

Re-targeting is an online marketing tactic where you are shown banner ads for the services or products of a website you previously visited while currently visiting a different site. I’ve heard people complain that they feel like they’re being followed by advertisers and, in essence, they are. So much for banner blindness!

A very simple theory.

If you previously visited a website found via a search, a link, or some promotion, it’s a reasonable assumption that you’re interested in the types of products or services offered on that site and now have some level of familiarity with the company. For any number of reasons, though, you weren’t ready to buy, sign up, or contact them just yet.

From a marketer’s perspective, it’s worthwhile to pursue these “warm” leads who may just need a bit more time and nudging to convert to a customer.

The stats support this theory. On average, advertisers are reporting 20 percent higher conversion rates for re-targeting over first-time visitors. Because of these high rates, it’s smart marketing to couple re-targeting efforts with paid search, social advertising, and other marketing campaigns to better maximize the money you’ve already spent.

How do you retarget?

For our clients, we first examine the products or services they most want to sell as well as all their active marketing efforts. We next validate their desired audience. From this information, we design banner ads with engaging messaging and design.

With a strategy and parameters in place, we setup a re-targeting campaign in our sophisticated online advertising management platform. Through this tool, we can:

  • Set the frequency and duration with which the ad will be seen by each potential customer
  • Control the specific days and hours in which the ads are displayed
  • Display different ads depending on the time of day
  • Target geographic regions with localized offers
  • Maximize ad budgets and efficacy with real-time bidding
  • Provide robust reporting on impressions, clicks, conversions, and performance by ad


And with all this extensive data, our powerful platform’s algorithms can continually modify the campaign to improve efficiency.

They’re ready. Are you?

When people visit your website, they’re signaling that they’re interested in your offerings. It’s now up to you to pursue them. If you want to discuss how re-targeting can gain you more customers and better leverage your existing marketing efforts, contact us here. Or you can wait to click on one of our banner ads as we follow you around the Web…

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