Philadelphia Marketer Spotlight: Dan Hall

Patrick Coyne
Patrick Coyne Director of Organic & Local Search

Dan Hall - Philadelphia Marketer Spotlight

Name: Dan Hall
Title: VP – Digital Media Director
Company Name: Levlane

Dan Hall has more than 15 years in marketing, with both advertising agency and client-side experience. His primary focus is managing online marketing campaigns and planning online and offline media strategies. At LevLane, Dan spends his time presenting ideas, solving problems, moving projects forward, and analyzing results for many of LevLane’s clients.


1. What digital marketing tactic has been most successful for achieving your goals?

We handle primarily local/regional clients in retail, healthcare, and retirement communities. Paid Search has yielded the best results for our clients that have an online conversion. When you analyze based on ROI, Paid Search is consistently the top performing paid tactic. But Paid Search also improves when supported by other digital and non-digital tactics. Pandora and Facebook ads are strong options for local/regional clients because of the targeting and cross-device capability.

2. What up-and-coming digital marketing tactic do you think may be useful in the near future?

There are so many options, but I would say I’m most interested in the Facebook/Atlas platform. The data is based on the Facebook profile (for the most part) and not cookies, so you can be more confident that you’re reaching your target. More importantly, you can reach your target across all digital devices…a big need in the mobile age.

3. What is attractive about the Philadelphia area to marketing professionals?

From an agency standpoint, I champion the number of small agencies. If you’re smart and curious, you can contribute to a broad array of marketing channels. Large agencies tend to be siloed, you become really strong within your area of expertise, but don’t often get the chance to see the bigger picture. For non-agency professionals, Philadelphia is the cradle of healthcare, which will continue to thrive as the baby boom generation ages. Having the nation’s largest media company in our downtown is certainly a positive for our great city.

4. What was your first marketing job in Philadelphia?

I was a temp in the Public Relations department…for two weeks. Then the Media Department hired me full time…probably to the benefit of the Public Relations Department.

5. Where is your favorite place to eat in Philadelphia?

Monk’s Café (264 S 16th St, Philadelphia, PA 19102). Go for the beer, stay for the Trappist Burger and fries. It’s stumbling distance to the theaters and Patco.