How to Mine Fresh Backlinks for Resonant Content Creation

Patrick Coyne
Patrick Coyne Director of Organic & Local Search

The SEO Team of Arc Intermedia (Ron Sansone and myself, Patrick Coyne) recently wrote an article for the Majestic Blog at The Majestic blog is one of the most authoritative voices in the world of SEO, and regularly shares fantastic, helpful information and tips. We at Arc Intermedia are proud to have shared a guest post via the Majestic Blog and grateful of Majestic for publishing it.

So what exactly is our blog about?

As digital marketing professionals, we know as well as anyone the difficulty in creating good content. Generating good ideas usually take a great deal of research. And worse yet, it can be difficult to know where to start your research. So at Arc Intermedia, we proposed leveraging backlinks and social media interactions in order to better decipher what topics are most popular. With this in mind, Ron and I ran through a real-life example to show how you can prove what topics resonate using data.

Click here, or click the image below to read the full article:

majestic seo blog article