Arc Intermedia is a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner – Now What Does That Mean?

Arc Intermedia is a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner (and we have the badge to prove it!) For those of you who are unsure what HubSpot is, what this means for Arc as a digital agency, and what this means for our clients – here’s a quick summary.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.

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In other words – HubSpot is a comprehensive marketing automation platform, sales focused CRM, and so much more. HubSpot was founded in 2005 with the idea of creating a suite of digital tools that would allow companies to market smarter. In the past decade, HubSpot has become the leader in marketing automation by offering tools that work together seamlessly like:

Email & Content Creation

Landing Pages, Dynamic Content, Forms, Calls-to-Action, and Lists

Social Media Publishing and Monitoring

Personas & Lead Scoring



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What Does It Mean to be a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner?

If you go on the HubSpot website you will read that “agency partners can work with you to implement successful inbound marketing and sales strategies, as well as help you with HubSpot’s software.”

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This is true, but the partnership is so much more than that! As an agency partner we can directly fulfill HubSpot services, onboard clients to the platform, consult on projects, suggests ways to improve your strategy and optimize your platform, and advise clients of what is new and exciting in the world of marketing automation/HubSpot, since we have beta access to new tools, features, reports, and more.

We Are Also Partner Certified

This means we took the time to understand the system, took classes on how to promote client success, and took the certification test to become partner certified. According to HubSpot, the Partner Certification “certifies an agency’s ability to use the product effectively and helps ensure that our customers are getting the best help.”

Achieving the Partner Certification signifies a higher level of commitment. We don’t just want to use our partner status to sell you on HubSpot, we want to be an active contributor to your digital success.

What Does This Mean for Our Clients?

It means that we can help you incorporate marketing automation into your digital strategy.

It means that we can help you better understand the needs and activities of your website visitors.

It means that we can help you to connect your sales and marketing efforts and data like never before.

HubSpot is an amazing platform, which is why we decided to make the investment for ourselves and our customers. We believe that by better understanding your website traffic and leads, you can create more effective marketing materials and close more sales. At Arc, we pride ourselves on being customer acquisition experts, so incorporating HubSpot into our suite of digital marketing services was an easy decision.

Whether you are new to marketing automation or just need some help, we’re happy to take some time to discuss your needs and how HubSpot can add value to your digital strategy.