‘Twas the Night AI Took Over the Arc Holiday Card

Katie Schieder
Katie Schieder Director of Inbound Marketing & Content

It’s been a wonderful year full of client, team, and personal success. A lot has changed since 2022. The Arc team has grown (again), we’ve added on new lines of service, Twitter became X, Google continued to rule the search engine world despite Microsoft’s best efforts (and $10 billion investment in OpenAI), and AI has taken over our lives in a big way.

We decided the most fitting way to say happy holidays this year… would be to let ChatGPT do it for us! Please enjoy an artificial intelligence’s rendition of:

“A Marketers Night Before the Big Campaign.”

All images were also created by AI.

‘Twas the night before the big campaign, and all
through the agency,

Not a soul was resting, not even CEO Dave, you see.

The ads were all ready, the graphics were tight,

In hopes that the clients would be delighted tonight.

Matt was at his desk, crunching numbers with care,

In hopes that the ROI soon would be there.

Mike in his corner, with UX flair,

Crafting landing pages that would make people stop and stare.

Pat, the SEO director, with a vision so bright,

Selected keywords that would make websites rise to the top of Google & shine through the night.

Laura Jo and Olivia, the copywriting queens,

Wrote taglines and slogans that would make brands gleam.

Katie, the content strategist, had plans in her head,

To ensure every blog post and email was well-worded and ready to send.

May and Chyenne, the data analyst pro’s, with charts and with graphs,

Analyzed metrics to avoid any mishaps or gaffes.

And Ryan, the SEO guru, behind his screen sat,

Ensuring the website would load in a snap.

Together they worked, a marketing dream team,

To make their clients’ visions come to life, it would seem.

As midnight approached, the agency buzzed,

With the excitement of clients and deadlines, no fuzz.

They knew in the morning, the world would see,

The results of their hard work, the marketing spree.

So they toiled and typed, through the night did they grind,

Knowing their efforts would leave no brand behind.

And as dawn broke, with their work now complete,

They knew they’d made their clients’ brands truly elite.

With a sense of accomplishment, they all jumped on a call and gathered ’round,

To virtually toast to their success, and the impact they’d found.

For in this marketing agency, a dedicated crew,

Made dreams come true, as they always do.

And as they closed their laptops, with hearts full of cheer,

They knew they’d log back soon, for new campaigns, for the New Year.

But for now, they could rest, with their spirits so light,

Merry marketing to all, and to all a good night!

*Text by ChatGPT

*Images by Canva