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To Say SEO is Dead Means You Don’t Understand

Is SEO dead? Even asking the question reveals a lack of understanding. Here's an explanation of the business impact and why SEO has never been more important.

Review of Apple’s App Store Search Ads

[REVIEW] A comprehensive look at Apple's App Store Search Ads offering, as well as tips for app marketers.

David SonnDavid Sonn

Rel=”nofollow” – What is it and How Does it Benefit SEO?

When used correctly, rel="nofollow" can be your best friend. But if you don’t understand it, it can lead to some big technical issues with your site. This post covers the basics of using the rel=”nofollow” and offers examples of when you would want to...

Patrick CoynePatrick Coyne

Digital Digest: Check Your AdWords, Enough with the Clickbait, & Kill Your Interstitials!

The January 2017 edition of the Digital Digest lets you know that it's time to kill your on-page interstitials and check your AdWords strategy. Oh, and enough with the clickbait!

Ron SansoneRon Sansone

How Do You Know Your Marketing Efforts Are Working?

Website Metrics 101: Learn the basics of tracking your digital marketing efforts to ensure they’re paying off.

Matt UlmerMatt Ulmer

How Can Inbound Marketing Help You Generate Traffic, Acquire Leads, and Convert Leads to Customers?

Do you prioritize converting leads into customers, but struggle to generate website traffic and leads? Learn how inbound marketing and content can help you generate quality traffic, acquire leads, and convert those leads into customers.

Katie SchiederKatie Schieder

5 Things You Should Know About Data in Digital Marketing

Data is an important tool for digital marketers. Read how data plays a roll in the lives of each Arc team member and why we believe you should use data to influence your decision process.

Katie SchiederKatie Schieder

Vital Tips for Proper Website Analysis

If you aren't evaluating your site performance as a whole, you're doing yourself a disservice. Learn about misleading conversion rates, on-page conversion opportunities, high bounce rates, and how to properly track site performance.

Matt UlmerMatt Ulmer

What Do We Mean When We Say a Conversion?

As customer acquisition specialties, we get asked all the time what is really meant by the term conversion. It's an essential element of digital marketing, and so we define what is and isn't a conversion in this quick read.

Matt UlmerMatt Ulmer

List of Top Seven Things Marketers Need to Know about Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an incredible tool for B2B and B2C companies of all sizes, but you should beware of the requirements and limitations prior to purchase.

Katie SchiederKatie Schieder

Holiday Greetings from Arc Intermedia

Happy holidays from all of us at Arc Intermedia.

David SonnDavid Sonn

Digital Digest: Mobile First, How-to’s, R.I.P Vine

Another round of the Digital Digest! Where we collect all the best SEO, SEM, Inbound Marketing, and general Digital Marketing stories from this past month. And with so many posts and stories appearing in November 2016, there was plenty to … Continued

Rasheed HendricksRasheed Hendricks

Small Businesses: Don’t Get Boxed Out by Mobile-First

We all deserve a higher quality pizza. Ron Sansone makes an impassioned plea to pizzerias and small businesses alike to get their mobile website presentation in order before the Google Mobile-first roll out knocks them out of Search competition.

Ron SansoneRon Sansone

Stability and Growth

Established in 2010, solely with digital offerings from the onset, Arc Intermedia is a proven and stable business that companies have partnered with longer than most digital agencies have existed. Clients entrust us with substantial marketing budgets and responsibilities to produce meaningful results. We have invested in the people, tools, data, and resources so they don’t have to. Our Philadelphia-area firm is versatile and nimble, able to pivot when necessary, to effectively and efficiently increase customer acquisition for companies seeking growth.