To Say SEO is Dead Means You Don’t Understand

Is SEO dead? Even asking the question reveals a lack of understanding. Here's an explanation of the business impact and why SEO has never been more important.

They’re Following You! (Or How I Learned to Love Ad Re-targeting)

Do you ever get the feeling you're being followed? Ad retargeting is an effective way to get users back to your website. We take a look at a few of the benefits.

Patrick CoynePatrick Coyne

Arc Intermedia President David Sonn Discusses Digital Marketing on Money Matters

Watch as Arc Intermedia president David Sonn discusses digital marketing on Philadelphia-produced business television show, Money Matters.

Katie SchiederKatie Schieder

7 Paid Search Marketing Myths – Busted!

When it comes to paid search marketing, there's plenty of misinformation out there! So the PPC & SEM experts at Arc decided to do a little bit of mythbusting by taking a look at some of the most common paid search misconceptions.

Patrick CoynePatrick Coyne

Blogger Outreach: The Wrong Way to Do It

Blogger outreach is not dead! It's, in fact, still a very effective marketing tactic when done right. Here's our expert tips on executing a successful outreach campaign.

Patrick CoynePatrick Coyne

3 Easy Tips for Effective Landing Pages

How can your digital marketing efforts be instantly more successful? With a landing page. Check out these 3 easy tips for creating effective landing pages.

Matt UlmerMatt Ulmer

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Arc intermedia: 7 Ways Marketers can capitalize on Holidays

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Arc Intermedia! And we're sharing 7 ways that your business's marketing can capitalize on holidays and seasonal events.

Patrick CoynePatrick Coyne

Social TV: The Past, Present, And Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

In our latest infographic, we take a look at Social TV: The past, present and our predictions for the future.

Patrick CoynePatrick Coyne

Have You Considered Online Display Advertising, Lately?

Banner advertising still has a bad reputation. However, with technology, RTB ,and granular control, the game has really changed. Look at how it can be done now.

David SonnDavid Sonn

Your Website is Your Brand — What is it Saying About You?

Most people are first exposed to your company via your website. Is your site designed to be the first line of awareness and sales? This article can help you sharpen your most influential marketing tool.

Matt UlmerMatt Ulmer

Why You Need to Be Re-targeting

Advertisers claim that online re-targeting converts 20 percent higher than other online marketing efforts. Are you taking advantage of re-targeting?

David SonnDavid Sonn

What to Do When Consumers Don’t Realize They Want What You Have

What do you do when consumers don’t search for the type of product or service you offer? You read this article on how online marketing can get your message in front of your target audience.

Matt UlmerMatt Ulmer

Is Your Website Killing Your Company?

Your website is a consumer’s first impression of your company. Not your beautiful offices or expertly trained staff answering the phone. If your website isn’t polished, professional, and perfect, your company isn’t respected. It’s as simple as that.

Matt UlmerMatt Ulmer

Stability and Growth

Established in 2010, solely with digital offerings from the onset, Arc Intermedia is a proven and stable business that companies have partnered with longer than most digital agencies have existed. Clients entrust us with substantial marketing budgets and responsibilities to produce meaningful results. We have invested in the people, tools, data, and resources so they don’t have to. Our Philadelphia-area firm is versatile and nimble, able to pivot when necessary, to effectively and efficiently increase customer acquisition for companies seeking growth.