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To Say SEO is Dead Means You Don’t Understand

Is SEO dead? Even asking the question reveals a lack of understanding. Here's an explanation of the business impact and why SEO has never been more important.

Save Yourself: Crisis Communication in a Social Media World

The old ways of dealing with a crisis are gone. This article will help you make sense of how to deal with a negative situation in the world of social media.

Matt UlmerMatt Ulmer

Do You Need a Mobile App or a Mobile Website?

So you’ve decided you need a mobile presence to engage the millions of smartphone users. How do you do that? This article will help you decide if you need a mobile app or a mobile website.

Matt UlmerMatt Ulmer

5 Ways an Online Press Release is Better Than Facebook Advertising

Online press releases are a powerful, inexpensive way to boost your SEO and get direct traffic to your site. In fact, we think they’re better for generating traffic than Facebook advertising.

Matt UlmerMatt Ulmer

6 Reasons Why SEO Is as Important as Your Site Itself

You’ve spent many sleepless nights designing and developing a glorious website for your product. You’ve poured over CSS templates, meticulously set up your CMS, and configured your web analytics package. Now that the all-important site launch announcement has been freshly fired off, why are...

Ron SansoneRon Sansone

5 Tips for Writing Killer Website Copy

The best designed website can only be successful with strong copy. Follow these 5 tips on how to write website content that will motivate your audience to take action.

Matt UlmerMatt Ulmer

Why I Love Paid Search

Sometimes, something that sounds too good to be true actually isn’t. Paid Search (or Search Engine Marketing) really is one of the most effective and cost-efficient forms of advertising currently available. Read all about why Arc’s president is in love with Paid Search.

David SonnDavid Sonn

Don’t Sound Like Everyone Else

Too many of us fill our marketing messages with nonspecific and unsubstantiated claims that we are the best, the cheapest, the One Your Should Buy. It’s time to stop telling potential customers we’re the best and start showing them. This article will teach you...

Matt UlmerMatt Ulmer

SEO 101: Keyword Research Simplified

Keyword Research is the key to your entire search engine optimization effort. In this installment of SEO 101, Ron takes you through the essential elements of successful keyword research, from relevancy to search volume to competitive analysis.

Ron SansoneRon Sansone

The Misconception of Web Design

There are some common misconceptions when it comes to Web design and Web designers. Let’s take a deeper look at one of the most generically used terms on the Web.

Mike MaierMike Maier

Projecting Online Ad Revenue

Entrepreneurs planning online ventures are often confused when it comes to projecting advertising revenue. I offer the following guidelines on how you can calculate revenue projections for your business plan.

David SonnDavid Sonn

The Benefits of an Online Company Media Center

Would you like more engaging publicity, better control over your company image and brand, and more efficient business processes? It’s time to set up a Company Media Center.

Matt UlmerMatt Ulmer

The Right Way to Build Brand(s) via Twitter

Faceless tweets from a logo, links, links and more links, and what you did last weekend are all poor form. It’s time to implement a real Twitter strategy for building your company and staff brands all while providing meaningful content with context. Here are...

David SonnDavid Sonn

Stability and Growth

Established in 2010, solely with digital offerings from the onset, Arc Intermedia is a proven and stable business that companies have partnered with longer than most digital agencies have existed. Clients entrust us with substantial marketing budgets and responsibilities to produce meaningful results. We have invested in the people, tools, data, and resources so they don’t have to. Our Philadelphia-area firm is versatile and nimble, able to pivot when necessary, to effectively and efficiently increase customer acquisition for companies seeking growth.